Still undecided on a Halloween costume? With only a few days to go until every man, woman, child and family pet transforms themselves into some version of a super hero, sexy nurse, pirate, and four-legged bratwurst, we've got an idea that may help disguise you and get you a $2 burrito. This Halloween, Chipotle Mexican Grill has joined up with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution — a program promoting the benefits of locally-grown, organic foods — to expose the horrors of processed foods.

All you need to do is dress up as one of the worst processed food offenders (think a McNugget, creme-filled cookie or sodium-laden dipping sauce), show up at a Chipotle location on Halloween between 6 p.m. and closing time, and a $2 burrito is yours.

On Halloween of year's past, Chipotle gave a free burrito to customers who dressed up as one of their favorite menu items (we want to know who showed up as the barbacoa). This year, Steve Ells, Chipotle Chairman and co-CEO, wanted to continue the tradition but make it educational and rewarding, both for Chipotle's burrito-loving guests and beyond. So in conjunction with Oliver, Ells came up with the “Boorito 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food” program and is donating up to $1 million of the proceeds to Oliver's Food Revolution.

So get out your scissors, feathers, glue, cotton balls and spray paint and get working, because in addition to a $2 burrito, if you take a photo in your processed food costume at a Chipotle on Halloween and upload it to the program's website, you'll be entered to win a $2,500 grand prize. Then you can buy all the burritos you want.

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