Reason to cheer the departure of Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo: Carmen Trutanich, his replacement, won another courtroom victory against the 11,000 billboards slathered all over sad-sack L.A — up to 4,000 of them illegally installed without an earthquake check, their safety utterly unknown.

But Trutanich's victory over Vanguard Outdoor was overshadowed by the Los Angeles City Council patting its own back Tuesday for its modest vote to ban future supergraphics in Hollywood. It's modest because this “ban” lets lots of garish supergraphics remain, and some residents hate them.

Vanguard was trying to get Judge Collins to extend a temporary injunction that has allowed Vanguard to keep illegal supergraphics at three sites, claiming free speech. Please. But for now, Vanguard won't have to remove the ads because the firm is appealing her decision.

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