It's no surprise that Canadian men love their bacon. It's just how much they love their bacon that might be the problem. Why? Just ask their girlfriends and wives. CNN reported yesterday that a study conducted by Toronto-based Maple Leaf Foods revealed that 43% of Canadian men prefer bacon over sex.

Granted, Maple Leaf Foods commissioned the “For the Love of Bacon” study to launch their latest recloseable bacon product, so you never know if the company's research methodology led to skewed results. Ironically, while 43% said they prefer bacon over sex, four of five respondents who said they love bacon also said they consider themselves to be good lovers. And despite their self-professed talent in the bedroom, apparently the male respondents' minds might not be wholly-focused on the act itself, as 23% wondered if their partner loved bacon more than they did. Should such a thing prove to be true, the men need not worry: 23% of Canadian men ranked bacon as their number one preferred fragrance, so they can head back out on the town sporting their favorite scent. When they find a date, the women can expect a chivalrous suitor, as 81% of the men who love bacon also said they're romantic. We can only hope they head (way south) to Nickel Diner for their first date and share a bacon donut.

LA Weekly