The always fascinating folks at WMFU turned us on to the trailer for the new documentary about LA's underground metal characters CROM.

Crom: All Hail Those who Fail , according to the filmmakers,

follows the Los Angeles based powerviolence bands early 90's days as a trio, then into the trio becoming a five piece through both LP's, and catches up with them in September of 2008 as they try to complete their first ever East Coast tour during their 15 years as a band. Guitars are broken, beers and souls alike are crushed, but in the end it is clear there are only two things that really matter in life: shooting arrows and eating pussy.

If Anvil: The Story of Anvil was last year's feel-good, VH1-ready metal doc about lovable losers who eventually win (in Japan, at least), the CROM movie is touted as a “feel-bad” movie about a band who embraces the ethos of never getting it together.

Crom: All Hail Those who Fail from Peliculas Cochinas on Vimeo.

Here's an excerpt of Liz Ohanesian's review of a 2008 CROM event:

Meanwhile, Crom emerged from the shadows of L.A. clubs and DIY spaces with penchants for black metal and Conan the Barbarian, bearing guitar riffs that actually live up to the album review cliche “brutal” and manage to leave a trail of blood and spilt beer in their wake. Vice Magazine loves these guys. Your prissy childhood best friend probably doesn't. They had come to brandish axes towards our insignificant skulls.

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