BT and His Binary Universe: Grammy-nominated producer, composer, technologist, and songwriter BT has never considered himself a DJ, but he got started in music early on in life.

“I studied piano Suzuki method starting at 4, went to the Washington Conservatory of music at 7 and Berklee School of music at 15,” he says. “As long as I can remember, music was the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.”

It’s hard to pin down a specific BT sound, as he works in everything from software design to film scoring.

“My new album The Secret Language of Trees is a continuation of This Binary Universe series,” he says. “It contains everything from traditional orchestral writing to crazy coded digital signal process and sound design – to live field recordings.”

BT feels that the current electronic music scene is a mixed bag.

“I think a lot of electronic music is highly formulaic and will be replaced by large music AI models,” he says. “The stand out stuff is incredible so I’d call it a mixed bag.”

His latest release is the The Secret Language of Trees album.

“It was recorded over the last 15 months and I developed several pieces of new music software and a 370k line of code blockchain art project at the same time,” he says. “It was a blast to work in the audio and visual domain at the same time on a single project.”

Looking ahead, BT has plenty more planned for 2023.

“We are releasing a bunch of new music software, I’m currently scoring a video game and several blockchain projects later this year as well,” he says.

BT and His Binary Universe: BT’s The Secret Language of Trees album is out now.






















































































































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