Blossom is Ready to Go HARD: London-born, Phoenix-raised DJ and producer Blossom  became inspired to be a DJ during her college years.

I ended up taking a three month DJ and production course at a school in L.A. called Dubspot (RIP) in between semesters at ASU,” she says. “By the end of the summer, I entered a local Arizona DJ competition to perform at a festival called Global Dance Festival… and I made top 15! Though I didn’t win the competition, I was asked to perform on the local stage, and from there the opportunities to perform locally started rolling in. Once I graduated from ASU, I picked up every odd job I could to support the DJ dream, and things really picked up around 2019 when I started to play more regular shows out of Arizona. During the pandemic, I got really into streaming on Twitch, and by the time shows came back around, I had a committed following that was excited to come see me perform across the country. I genuinely believe streaming was an essential part of my post-pandemic success.”

When describing her sound today, she talks of the juxtaposition of light and dark.

I think this is a recurring theme in everything I do,” she says. “I have a feminine presentation but I feel like my music is heavier with darker undertones. I love writing moody lyrics and emotional melodies, and pairing that with a heavy upbeat bass house or drum & bass drop. The balance of expected and unexpected is really exciting to me.”

Blossom says that the state of electronic music can feel dark if you spend too much time on social media, but she prefers to focus on her fans and community.

In my own little pink planet world, I have an amazing community that supports me wholeheartedly in everything that I do,” she says. “I’ve had a few people come up to me recently to tell me they’ve been to 4 or 5 shows of mine this year, and that’s so incredible and mind blowing! So to me, my electronic music world is very happy and positive. As for my analysis on music in general, I’m loving the slow ascent of drum & bass to a more mainstream genre in the states. I know that every year is ‘drum & bass’s year!’ but I genuinely feel the energy and have gotten great feedback from my fans when I play it. I’m also really enjoying the renewed interest in UKG and UK dubstep. I think this has been a really cool year for genre-bending releases.”

The artist is psyching herself up for HARD Summer.

I’m gonna do what I do best… high energy, lots of sing-a-long tunes and mashups, and, of course, some amazing dance moves,” she says. “I’m bringing some of my best friends from Arizona along with me to share in this special moment. HARD Summer 2015 was where I was gifted the name Blossom in the crowd at the HARDer stage (I had dyed my hair pink for the festival… it’s been pink ever since!) and so performing here is a full circle moment for me. We’re gonna go HARD :)”

Looking ahead, Blossom has plenty planned for the rest of 2023.

2023 was a big year for me in terms of headlining my own shows,” she says. “I went on my first headline tour at the top of the year and sold out my LA stop! I’m currently in the process of moving to NYC and I’m keen to get working on new music using all of the inspiration I get from the city. I have some singles slated for release, ranging from drum & bass to UKG to bass house and more. I just released my song ‘Bad Ideas’ with the amazing Hadar Adora and have another tune, ‘Ride 4 U,’ dropping next month.  I feel so lucky to have a fan base that lets me release whatever genre I want… it gives me the freedom to express myself exactly how I’d like to. You can always expect the unexpected with me, and I plan to harness that energy throughout the rest of the year!”

Blossom is Ready to Go HARD: Blossom performs at HARD Summer on Saturday, August 5.








































































































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