Here's a word-cloud for you: Industrial Music, Bubblegum Pop, Girl Groups, Tiki Bars, Neo-Nazis, Martinis, Record-Scratching, Cops, Crowd Control, Noise, De-Indoctrination, Sassy Magazine, Fascism, Barbie, RE/Search, Pranks, Pagan Muzak, Anton LaVey.

We're sure you've guessed by now that we're talking about the one and only Boyd Rice, cultural agitator, people manipulator, and Lisa Carver impregnator. The controversial man behind NON will be coming to peaceful Los Feliz Village to sign his new, limited-edition (1313 copies) treatise called NO, not to be confused with the amazing children's book No! by David McPhaill, though we're pretty sure Boyd would like it.

To promote Rice's appearance at Vacation Vinyl this Saturday, December 19, at 5 PM, someone has created this supercute film where cartoon bearlike creatures tell you about this “new-classic of blunt realities, social composition and discourse [that] dissects 45 deceptive affairs including Rebellion, The Sexes, Individuality, Equality, Peace, The Nazis, and Keeping It Real, all brought to light in a fashion that only Boyd Rice can.”

Bonus “Mature Boyd Rice” Pinup Art and assorted videos, after the jump.

Last year, Rice's name was once again dragged through controversy when a mid-1980s video of his (prank?) appearance on a White Supremacist TV show resurfaced:

A cuddlier Boyd Rice and Rose McGowall as SPELL, covering “Seasons in the Sun”:

One last BONUS Boyd Rice item: One of his most successful projects was the obscure recording Deep Inside a Cop's Mind, credited to SWAT, but actually the brainchild of Rice, Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey, and countercultural zinester Jim Goad. More about it here.

(This one, by the way, is for all of you who remember the pre-Internet days of the Amok Catalog and the Amok Store in Los Feliz/Silverlake–as a matter of fact, pretty close to where Vacation Vinyl now stands!)

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