Becoming a webcam girl could pay for college, buy a house, and just make your everyday life a lot easier and more affordable. 

After that whole global pandemic thing forced many of us to stay at home and/or lose income, camming was a natural way for many women to make money online.

If you’re a free spirit, confident about your body, and dedicated to marketing yourself as an online camming celebrity, you can make this work. 

In the past, sex workers were at the whim of their (usually male) bosses, but on cam, you get full creative control and don’t even have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Your body, your choice!

What It Means To Be A Camgirl In 2021

While camgirls and cam models may have been looked down upon in the past, those outdated attitudes are gradually being replaced by progressive, more accepting ones.

We’re in sex-positive 2021 now! 

Many women feel that camming empowers them as it allows them to have fun with their sexuality and feel good about their bodies without taking orders from any men.

Whether you’re playing solo, using interactive sex toys, exploring fetishes, or messing around with other people on webcam, there are so many different ways to make money as a cam girl.

Webcam work usually involves:  

  • Chatting with groups of strangers
  • Wearing sexy clothing
  • Stripping 
  • Talking about fantasies
  • Masturbating
  • Using tip-activated sex toys
  • Having sex with a partner(s)
  • Roleplaying a specific fantasy

And don’t worry if you feel like you’re not “stereotypically attractive” – the beauty of cams is that many viewers aren’t into the cliche “porn model” look – they find the whole “girl next door” vibe way hotter.

If you look at cam sites like Chaturbate, you’ll find that a significant portion of the models on the most viewed #1 page don’t have that “porn star” look to them. In fact, down-to-earth cam models often have the most devoted fanbases!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… so make them tip big.

How Much Can You Make as a Cam Girl? 

The most popular webcam stars make over $300,000 per year, while the average adult performer takes home $60,000 a year, which is not out of this world but is still significantly above minimum wage. 

Like, significantly.

However, the so-called “bottom earners” claim to take home as little as $100 a week, suggesting that success is all about marketing and effort, not just sex appeal. Camming is basically running your own small business, so there are always risks involved.

While there are some performers who will work 40-50 hours per week like a regular US office job, many camgirls manage to make a living working 20-30 hours per week or even less, and of course… your days and hours can flexibly fit around your life, which is handy!

How Do Camming Sites Help Models?

Cam sites help to bring a new and growing audience to your cam room, especially if you’re a new performer that doesn’t already have a dedicated following. Sites like Chaturbate regular promote new performers on their front page to help them build a fan base from scratch.

It’s pretty easy!

Besides publicity and listings, a professional webcam site also verifies you are of legal adult age – always a concern with customers – and ensures that you can connect with your fans using your webcam, laptop, and basic video/audio equipment.

In exchange for basic services and promotion, the website collects a percentage of all model tips. Depending on the service, the commission can be anywhere from 30-70 percent, so read the fine print of the digital contract. 

Know what you’re getting yourself into!

The Top 4 Popular Webcam Girl Sites

Here are the top 3 sites to sign up on:

While there are probably dozens of popular cam girl sites, the top 4 reviewed here are our favorites.

1. Chaturbate – Best Paying Site With Largest Audiences


  • Public AND private shows
  • Tip-activated vibrators & butt plugs
  • 40-50% commission
  • All genders and body types welcome

Click here to sign up for chaturbate

Chaturbate is the most successful live cam site, with some of the best interactive features. The cam site charges between 40 to 50 percent commission, based on the coins that users tip you. 

Token value is 5 dollars for 100 tokens. 

Chaturbate also has the most interactive camshow toys and some of the most popular US channels for amateur adult performers. You can use many third-party apps for room patrolling bots, or even games to play with your followers.

Finally, Chaturbate just released a daily payout option to get money faster.  

2. BongaCams – Newer Cam Site

  • 50% commission
  • Build a smaller, dedicated audience
  • Unique spy mode feature
  • Diverse models

Click here to sign up for BongaCams 

BongaCams charges a 50 percent commission. BongaCams’ best advantage, besides comparable cost, is that it’s a quieter atmosphere. 

It’s not quite as popular and also doesn’t offer the same protection as Chaturbate. 

For instance, they offer Spy Mode to their users, which lets random users creep on a private show you’re giving to someone else.

If you’re okay with features like that, then Bonga Cams can nonetheless be a great place to secure a dedicated fanbase.

3. LiveJasmin – $500 Sign Up Bonuses

Chaturbate is largely still American-based, but LiveJasmin is in many ways the European equivalent.

You can still work here if you’re a US model, but LiveJasmin is brilliant for European and overseas cam models who are looking for a place to make steady money on webcam.

With LiveJasmin, viewers can chat to you for free while you’re clothed, then once you flirt them into paying up, the free users are kicked out and you can start getting undressed for the big spender.

Honestly, it’s kinda hot. 

However, LiveJasmine doesn’t pay as well, since they start new models out at 70 percent, but lower the commission as you gain followers and experience, eventually to 50 to 60 percent. Keep that in mind when starting!

4. Bonus: OnlyFans – Earn Extra Money From Your Fans


Click here to sign up for Onlyfans

OnlyFans is an extension of your Chaturbate success. Once you’ve already can webcam fans, you can direct them to your OnlyFans as extra income every month.

Here you can upload content and then charge fans a subscription rate. You can also receive tips, sell nudes and sell off-site items (like books, videos, t-shirts, photos, audio tracks, etc.), and other exclusive content that falls outside Chaturbate’s use. 

Get creative!

You can also post public messages and subscriber-only messages and content. Finally, give your fans custom messages or content for an “unlock price.” They can even preview it before they buy to ensure satisfaction. Make them pay!

11 Steps to Becoming a Cam Girl

Let’s start your adventure in webcamming with a step-by-step process. 

1. Sign up on your favorite website.

Choose one of these sites to sign up on, we recommend Chaturbate if you are not sure what to pick: Chaturbate, BongaCams, or LiveJasmin.  

The signing up process starts easily, with a username, password, email, gender, and birthday. However, be prepared to follow the age verification prompts, as you must prove you are of legal age before broadcasting. 

You can also read the rules and guidelines for the site, for example, this page from Chaturbate. Much like a social media site, you can also spend some time learning emoticons, messaging, and other chat options.

2. Choose Your Cam Model Name and create a bio. 

Most of the top cam sites let you design your own bio page, including unique coding. That means you don’t have to settle for the standard or boring pages. You can add social media links, web links, pictures, clips, animations, floating icons, logos, and other unique flare or swag. 

You may have to verify your age and identity before adding HTML code. You can either copy and paste code (and replacing the names and links with your own) or use a live editor to create your bio by just dragging and dropping features. 

For example, Chaturbate has Xnight – a live page editor for a What You See Is What You Get approach. 

As far as personalizing your bio, you should avoid giving out any personal information. Instead, develop a fake celebrity name that still matches your personality. Add your birthday (if you want to) as well as some of your other interests like: 

  • What you like (men, women, couples, trans, etc.)
  • What country or state you are from
  • Your schedule (when the best time is to catch you performing)
  • A wish list of your desired toys or fun items (which people might buy for you)
  • Your biggest tip ever (a goal to surpass!)
  • And conversational stuff like Did You Know Facts about yourself or Favorite Quotes from your patrons 

As you can see, it’s all about showcasing your personality and making the connection between you and your following more than just physical sex. 

3. Create your own virtual porn studio – homestyle!

Creating a home studio doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Just think about basic TV sitcom decor (nothing too bummy) and try not to add anything too distracting. 

Keep it simple!

Then, turn your attention to lighting. Make sure you preview the show before broadcasting and check for dark shadows, which look amateur. Adjust any lights in the shot by moving the camera or eliminating them altogether. 

Soft diffused lighting is flattering on everyone, so look to invest in diffused lighting setups and softboxes (soft lighting equipment) to make sure that you look your best.

4. Dress for the part.

Sexy is an almost relative term when you consider the “theme” of your webcam show or the sexy character you like to portray. 

Think about how you want to sell yourself and how your clothes reflect that – are you going for an innocent school girl vibe or a sexy dominatrix vibe?

Your outfit matters!

However, you can’t go wrong with a list of clothing items that are based on the most common requests from fans. If you can’t think of anything else, your audience will probably have some good ideas.

Remember, that your personality (or the roleplay idea you have) dictates the clothing. It’s actually not that creative to be naked on camera. 

The most successful performers learn how to strip and tease. They learn how to leave on the right clothing while taking off just enough to make their viewers crazy with lust!

Of course, you can always interact with your patrons directly and ask them for feedback. What do they find sexy? What are their top requests? What are they eager to see – and willing to tip for? 

Your goal is to impress them. Spoil them with sexy ideas and they will come back.

5. Get high-quality cam model equipment. 

Okay, now for the techy stuff.

Standardized hardware and software are key and for the most part, any modern laptop or PC with a webcam will work just fine. Some webcam software doesn’t work with Apple iOS, and so you may want to avoid it just to be on the safe side. 

Laptops are always more advantageous because of their mobility and freedom of movement. Part of the job, however, is working with an adequate PC. Your PC is not just for filming but for producing, logging in, marketing (eventually), and setting up accounts. 

It needs to be good!

Even if you have a high-quality PC/laptop, consider upgrading an old or discount webcam. The most successful performers use very high-quality cameras and microphones, well beyond standard webcams. Webcam companies may even penalize you in the listings for using an older or lower resolution camera in the listings. 

Modern external cameras have at least 1080p Full HD resolution and 30 fps framerate. Make sure you have a fast internet connection – pay for the extra Mbps per month – you’re going to need it!

6. Load up the interactive sex toys!

Speaking of ways to orgasm, there is always room for variety on webcam shows. 

Lovense Toys

Lovense is the interactive sex toy company and the Lush is its most famous toy – the bright pink tip-for-vibe vibrating egg toy you often see sticking out the pussy of popular camgirls. 

Viewers can immediately start tipping you and getting the reaction they want instantaneously. You can even adjust it so that you get minor vibrations for a small tip and bigger and stronger vibrations for big tips. 

The more you orgasm, the happier your audience, and the more money you make. Everyone wins, which is why Lovense is the top toy for web girls. 

Lovense Lush should only be used vaginally. For anal play, choose the Hush or the Edge (for men). 

Kiiroo’s Pearl 2 or Fuse + Keon

Teledildonics is another revolution in webcamming, as they are dildos that literally sync their motions with another toy, owned by another user somewhere else in the world. 

You can experience virtual sex with any of your fans and so it’s ideal for private shows, such as Skype, where you can focus all your attention on one top paying fan. 

You can also choose alternative modes, like mutual touch mode, traditional patterns, or submit to being virtually pleasured by someone else.


These toys are sex machines (automatic dildo machines) and they work great for public shows, even the likes of Chaturbate and others. 

The machine provides a harder and more intense sex rhythm, which responds directly to tips from viewers by increasing the speed of the thrusts.

The more they tip, the more the machine will fuck you!


These toys provide sexual furniture making it easier for you to lie in a comfortable position with a toy so you can focus on providing charming conversation while the Liberator toys handle the weight and positioning. 

7. Know the Difference Between Free & Private Shows

You have the option of choosing free public chat rooms or private video chat rooms. 

Free public chat rooms

For free public chat rooms, payment is voluntary for the customer and there are many that lurk, rather than interact. 

If you’ve got an exhibitionist side, you might enjoy those cheeky lurkers… and they can help to bring extra interest to your room.

With this business strategy, your goal is to make money through tips. So you have to plan your show more elaborately, enticing them to tip you for an even better show.

Private shows

Private shows are based on a different model, in that customers pay for the show by the minute. With this strategy, you get paid based on subscription or based on entry fees to the show. 

In other words, people have to pay to see you at all… so it’s best left to models with established fan bases that will get their wallets out for you.

Hybrid shows

Top adult sites have also introduced a hybrid of both business models: free entry and tips encouraged, but with the option of taking a performer into a private room for a higher price. 

The advantage of public shows is that customers pay significantly less and enjoy the show in a group, taking the financial strain off just one person. 

This results in a minimal cost to the customer, but when combined, a moderate profit for you.  

You do you!

8. Do Your First Show on Chaturbate

The most challenging part of doing your first show is knowing what to do. Rather than improvising or waiting for requests, start planning your show.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t sit there looking bored on your phone!

Here are some tips for getting through that nail-biting first show experience:

  • Smile and be yourself!
  • Create a show with parts – foreplay and chat, strip slowly, and end with an orgasm 
  • Determine your limits, boundaries, and hard no’s
  • Draw your patrons out with conversation 
  • Keep your private messages on and address your followers – the more they talk to you and feel an emotional connection, the more they will probably tip
  • If anyone is rude or intimidating, ban them
  • Appreciate the little tips….they DO add up at the end of the week
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your real personality, even if it is a sexed up cartoony version of yourself
  • Reward the viewers who compliment/tip you with a shout out
  • Consider using tip-activated sex toys to encourage audience participation

9. Build a Following and a Brand

Now you’ve got that first show out of the way, it’s time to start planning ahead.

It’s best to think of your first several webcam shows as an entry point rather than a final destination. This is how people get to know you. Your ultimate goal, however, should be to graduate to the next level – building your own brand in addition to Chaturbate and LiveJasmin. 

Marketing sex work is about advertising your channel, diversifying your income, and managing publicity. All the while you’re marketing, you are also reminding people what:

  • Your unique quality is that other models don’t have
  • Why your content is different than everything else out there

Token sites can create a good income, even with small tips per patron. Having 5000 viewers at once gets you a huge payday. But eventually, you can branch out to per-minute private rooms or even subscription content online or offline. 

Sign up on social media channels, so your fans can reach out to you and you can send notifications whenever something new is going on. 

Diversify your income streams

Adding extra sources of income, and just more social links, in general, is how you grow your web business. You can sell nude photos or videos to your most devoted fans, or start an OnlyFans account for special niche content. 

You may even start customizing entire videos for one fan for a higher price or creating a membership site for a number of fans who want the same thing.  

10. Get Tips and Do Private Shows

What will help you broaden your audience, get more exposure, and make more money is not just following a list of suggestions, but actually finding your audience and then learning them. 

You might even say that webcam shows are about everything but sex. Porn is everywhere and free. What your audience wants is a personal connection. They desire emotional stimulation, mixed with sexual response. 

Reel them in!

They pay for the interaction, the personalized approach to sex. It’s fairly interactive in a public show and customized to their fantasy in a private show. With technology advancing, sex is hardly simulated – you can actually stroke each other, simultaneously or taking turns. 

But your fanbase wants to be heard, wants your interactions, and wants connection. 

11. Find Your Niche & Gain Lifelong Fans

Some webcam models have excelled by branding themselves as the “It Girl” in one sub-topic or niche fetish that not a lot of other models are trying. 

This can be a great way to build a modest-yet-passionate fan base that will pay through the nose for your shows!

Some great niches include:

  • The most interactive web model
  • The wild intellectual 
  • The kinky roleplayer
  • Cheating or swinging
  • A happy couple
  • Wolfpack of cam girls (make friends and share content)
  • Camgirl mansions (multiple models on one show)
  • Cosplays
  • Fantasy fulfillment
  • Sexy ASMR

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Cam Girl

How can you stay safe? 

First, never share personal information. 

Second, always use a trusted site for financial interactions, even if it’s not on a major cam site. 

Do not operate a “normal account” with the same G-rated pictures that look too similar to the webcam sites. It’s relatively easy to do a reverse image search on Google. 

To be safe, use a fake celebrity name and set all your personal “real life” accounts to private. While many people are open-minded, many others are not and could try to stalk you in real life.

If you encounter trolling, harassment, or fraudulent users, ban them, report them, or even auto-block them using a Chaturbate bot. You can select words to ban (which results in auto banning for the user).

So for instance, words that offend you will never even be seen because the user will be banned instantly!

Can camming hurt your future job prospects?

Many progressive companies are friendly towards sex workers and entrepreneurs who think outside the box. 

Many celebrities already have an OnlyFans or Switch account these days and it only seems to boost their popularity.

That said, if your future goals are outside of webcam modeling, it’s best to never mention it to future job prospects, and it’s unlikely they will stumble on non-public photos.

If necessary, you can even pay a reputation management company to remove any websites posting illegally acquired photos of you.

It’s always a risk though, so if you have dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer or teacher, you shouldn’t probably be camming.

Can I get in legal trouble being a cam model?

As long as you are over 18 there are no legal ramifications for cam models since webcam modeling does not constitute prostitution, escort services, or even pornographic films. 

This is an entirely new job title and industry. 

Still – check the local laws where you live.

What if I don’t want to be a porn star and sleep with all sorts of people?

You don’t have to! A lot of webcam models limit their cam time to masturbating or having sex with their boyfriend/husband. You don’t have to be poly or swinging just to have a great web show. 

Can I be a camboy?

There are many successful camboys, as well as couples, and non-binary or trans performers. It all depends on how hard you work, how original your content is, and how you choose to emotionally connect with your audience.

Key Takeaway – Fetish Therapy

  • Working as a webcam girl is a challenging job like any other and you must create a plan of success to follow it through
  • Many successful webcam models have compared themselves not to escorts, but to psychologists. Sex workers, and especially cam girls, listen a lot and respond with positive reinforcement therapy for some of these lonely patrons. 
  • Try to think niches and fantasy fulfillment 
  • Have a beginning, middle, and end of the show in mind. 
  • People actually feel more vulnerable in an online environment than a strip club, or even a doctor’s office, so get them talking
  • It’s a community dynamic since “chat” is involved. Don’t be intimidated – embrace it! 

Conclusion: You Can Become a Cam Girl

In closing, remember that success in webcam modeling as a camboy or camgirl is all about finding a community and a niche that suits you. You excel because it’s something you already enjoy doing and it’s something your fans love to see. 

If you’re fresh out of ideas then spend some more time, uh, researching the sexy competition out there to get ideas on what people want. 

Don’t be a sexy loner. Joining the webcam model industry and make some friends. Reach out to patrons and your fellow celebrity cam performers. It’s the best way to make a serious career out of a fun profession. 

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting LA Weekly and our advertisers.