Nude photos are more popular than ever thanks to social media. If you’re wondering how to sell nudes online, it’s even easier than you think.

People from all walks of life make money selling nudes on sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids. Some are established influences and celebrities (Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau) but thousands more are upstarts and cult vloggers (Stepanka, Annalise Mishler, Tara Babcock).

So how do you make money and get paid selling nudes online? There are many different ways, as outlined below. Read on to learn which platforms allow you to sell nudes and other adult content. We’ll also cover which payment processing services accept this line of work.

Of course, if you need some inspiration from other women who use OnlyFans, check out our list of the Best OnlyFans Accounts 

Take Some Nudes & Make it Do What it Do

To get started, you’ll first need a roll of quality nude images of yourself. Use a high-end camera like an iPhone or Canon or hire a photographer. If you’re strapped for cash, check for an amateur photographer in your area who may be willing to do a free shoot in exchange for permission to use some of those pics in his portfolio.

In preparation for your first shoot, look at some photos of women who are already successful at selling nudes online. In most cases, they’ll look comfortable, warm and flirty before the camera, whether they’re looking into the lens or off to the side. Practice your own form of sensuality and learn to get into character when the camera rolls.

Once you have your first collection of nudes, keep them stored in multiple safe places. For example, if you have them on your smartphone or C drive, keep backup copies on an external drive and/or a cloud server.

Best Sites To Sell Nudes (Where To Sell Nudes Online)

Once you start earning money as an online nude amateur, make sure to fill out your taxes at the end of each year. You can file as a “private entertainer.”

Here’s a list of the best places to sell nudes by category, along with the percent you keep after the site takes a cut for you using their platform:

  1. Onlyfans: keep 80% of what you make, you have to do the advertising
  2. Manyvids: keep 60-80%, they help you with advertising
  3. AVN stars – keep 80% of all pics and videos you sell
  4. Bentbox: keep 65%
  5. iWantClips: keep 60%
  6. AP Clips: keep 75%
  7. Chatabox: 80%
  8. Clips4Sale: keep 60-80%
  9. Erotifix: 85%
  10. FanCentro: 75% cut, sell snapchat nudes
  11. ModelCentro: 75%
  12. IndieBill: 85%
  13. IsMyGirl: 70%
  14. JustForFans: 70%
  15. LoyalFans: 80%
  16. ModelHub: 65%

Other sites to sell adult content:

  1. Chaturbate: perform for live cam shows, keep 80%
  2. Bongcams: perform live cam shows, keep 80%
  3. Livejasmin: do cam shows and keep 80%
  4. ScentedPansy: Sell your used panties for $100+ or more
  5. Sell subscriptions to your fans on a social media type platform 

The above sites are good if you want to diversify and sell videos and private cam shows in addition to nudes. Read our guide on how to make money as a cam girl to learn more.

1. OnlyFans – Most Popular Way to Sell Nudes

Cut they take: 20%

Percent you keep: 80%

What you can sell: Nudes, Clips, and Subscriptions

Click here to sign up for OnlyFans

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.26.55 AM

OnlyFans is currently the most popular site for amateur NSFW content. Many established YouTube vloggers and Instagram influences have started OnlyFans accounts to share sexy content that can’t be shown on mainstream platforms. Some girls sell nude photos and videos, others just model in bikinis and lingerie.

In a sense, OnlyFans is a members-only Twitter feed for adult material. Launched in 2017, its popularity skyrocketed during the 2020 lockdown.

When you first land on an OnlyFans page, all you’ll see is the banner image of the girl in question. Below that, you’ll see her pricing tiers. No samples are given. Anyone who wants to see your content will have to pay an entry fee. You can also charge separate prices for specialized content, such as fetish videos.

Each girl sets her own pricing structure on OnlyFans for monthly access and subscription bundles of three, six and 12-month plans. For example, YouTuber Annalise Mishler, who’s in the top .02% of creators on the site, charges $17.99/mo for access. Ex-glamour model and gamer Tara Babcock, who’s courted a large male following since the MySpace era, charges $9.99/mo.

As an OnlyFans model, you’ll get 80% of your earnings. The site takes the other 20%. Cashouts take about a week to clear in your bank account. Your monthly earnings will depend on what you charge and how many memberships and purchases are made to your account in a given month.

YouTuber Olivia Cara made between $4k and $6k/mo with 252 OnlyFans subscribers. A month later, she grossed $17.1k and netted $13.7k on the site. YouTuber Payton B made $10k in her first week and $20k in one month on OnlyFans.

Warning: If you start an OnlyFans account, never mention it on Snapchat, which has a zero-tolerance policy regarding that site. People have made that mistake, only to lose five year’s worth of Snapchat pics forever.

2. ManyVids – Create Your Own Online Adult Content Shop

Cut they take: 10% of subscription fees, and 40% of video clips you sell 

What you can sell: Nudes, Clips, and Subscriptions

Click here to sign up for ManyVids

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.27.50 AM

ManyVids is a site where women aged 18-and-up post videos and photos across the pricing spectrum. With a ManyVids account, you can sell nude photos and adult-oriented videos. ManyVids also functions as an adult community where the girls hold contests and post daily messages to fans. ManyVids is a welcoming site for alternative thots and plus-size women.

Unlike OnlyFans, which is largely populated with established vloggers and celebrities, most of the women on ManyVids are amateurs and private citizens. Some of these girls have worked as strippers but most are just everyday people showing their naughty selves before the camera.

As an MV Star, you can set your monthly membership price at whatever amount seems reasonable. Some of the most popular MVers charge between $10 and $20 a month for basic access and between $16.99 and $24.99 per video.

On ManyVids, you’ll net 90% of your gross subscription earnings for the first year and 80% thereafter. However, the site keeps 40% on all your earnings from videos sold through the platform.

3. Fancentro – Best way to Sell Nudes via Snapchat

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.27.58 AM

Fancentro is an easy site to join and post sexy photos and video clips. You can register through your Facebook or Google account. The site has a similar layout to OnlyFans with an image banner and a scroll-loading feed of posts that fans can unlock and view once they subscribe.

You can set your own membership price on Fancentro. Some of the girls charge recurring rates as low as $9/mo while others charge one-time fees that are good for a lifetime. You can also present your signup rates as promotions, where if they “sign up now” for $9/mo for 12 months, they’ll get 90% off your “standard rate” and have those savings “locked in for life.”

As with OnlyFans, your earnings on Fancentro will likely reflect the amount of effort you put into your account. Women who send personal greetings to their fans and take customer requests, within reason, tend to gain the most loyalty. Fancentro charges a 10% billing fee. Beyond that, you’ll net 75% of your gross profits from the site.

4. ModelCentro – Sell Nudes and Video Clips

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.02 AM

ModelCentro is a platform for models and influencers. Here, you can create your own site and post nude photos for your paying fans. You can also do live cams and post videos on your ModelCentro site. Fans can pay for nude sets and/or send you tips during your adult cam sessions. You can even host pay-per-minute shows.

You can sign up with ModelCentro through your Facebook or Twitter account. ModelCentro lets you keep 75% of your earnings; the remaining 25% is split between billing fees and the site’s share.

5. iWantClips – Best Way to Sell Fetish Nudes

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.06 AM

On iWantClips, women post videos of solo content and amateur g/g and b/g movies. The creators here are referred to as “artists.” The content ranges from fetish and femdom vignettes to solo toy and oil action.

As an iWantClips artist, you can set your own prices on original nude content and take fan requests. You can also communicate with fans through the site’s private messaging feature. Some of the artists offer phone sex. You can also block the IP addresses of certain individuals who cross the line.

This is one of the few NSFW sites that also offer geoblocking, where you can prevent people in your Zipcode from finding your account. This can help if you’re concerned about being recognized from your nude work within your local community.

Your net profits from iWantClips will depend on the content, service or type of payment. The breakdown is like this:

  • 100% on custom videos
  • 80% tips
  • 70% phone sex
  • 60% store content

You’ll get a cashout from IWantClips as soon as you reach $25.

6. BentBox – A New Twist on Selling Nudes

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.12 AM

BentBox is a site for amateur nude photos and erotica. A lot of the content posted to BentBox is artistic in nature. Some of the women post selectively lit topless photos or boudoir shots while others take things further. If you are looking to take classy nudes, you might feel more at home on BentBox than on some of the other NSFW sites.

One of the best things about BentBox is that you net the entire amount you charge for your photos and sets. BentBox charges a 35% commission on your price to the customer. Payouts are made on a monthly basis. If chargebacks occur, the site handles this internally so there are no penalties on your end.

7. Patreon – Best Way to Make Money Monthly from Your Subscribers 

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.18 AM

Patreon is a subscriber service used by all types of content creators. It is one of the biggest money-making platforms on the internet for gamers, bloggers, musicians and models. The site became popular in 2016/17 during the YouTube adpocalypse, which rendered it impossible for most YouTubers to earn incomes on YouTube revenue alone.

On Patreon, you can set subscription offers at multiple monthly tiers. Tara Babcock offers seven membership tiers on her Patreon, starting at $1 for access to her Fan Service Friday videos. At her highest tier of $200, subscribers get a monthly ad for their channel or product on one of her YouTube videos.

If you sell nude photos on Patreon, they must be marked as “patrons only” content. You cannot have any nudity displayed on your Patreon entrance page. Fans must sign up first before they get that first nude photo. No sample nudes. Patreon keeps between 5% and 12% of your gross earnings after processing fees.

Success on Patreon does necessitate some level of visibility on other platforms. In recent years, Patreon has wavered in its censorship policies. Users beware.

How to Get Paid Sending Nudes


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.25 AM

PayPal is the most widely used and popular online payment processor. However, it is not a safe platform for anyone who sells nudes or any other type of adult content. PayPal forbids the use of its processor for transactions that involve nude photos. If caught, your PayPal account might be shut down permanently without warning. You could lose hundreds of dollars in an instant.

If you only sell nudes to one person, you could get around this policy. Still, never mention nudes in your account description or terms of service.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.30 AM

CashApp is a mobile payment app that lets customers pay for your content with a few simple clicks from their smartphones. Each time you receive money, you can transfer those funds to your bank account via ACH direct deposit. You can also spend or withdraw the money with Cash Card, CashApp’s debit Visa card.

CashApp is the favored means of payment among most nude pic sellers because the app takes no percentages. Unlike PayPal, CashApp doesn’t impose anti-nudity rules on its users. Another benefit is that you aren’t charged fees by the government for your CashApp transactions.

Considering how so many people make purchases and surf the internet on mobile devices, CashApp is one of the best ways to receive payments for your nude pics.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.37 AM

Like CashApp, Venmo is a mobile payment app that facilitates direct financial transactions between buyers and sellers. Unlike CashApp, Venmo can only be used to process payments in which both parties are located in the United States. Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, has been criticized over security concerns and privacy risks.

Payments take about three days to process, much like a wire transfer. Due to the slow transfer time, payments can sometimes be canceled by the buyer soon after the initial authorization. Venmo takes a fee of 1% or $10, whichever is less, for deposits to your debit card.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.43 AM

Never accept cash payments for nudes online. A nude pics buyer can find out your information and use it for blackmail at some later date. Cash transactions are also dangerous and troublesome because you’d either have to share your physical address or open a P.O. box. Even if you did the latter, someone could stake out the box and follow you around after you collect your money.

Cash transactions also slow the process. You would have to wait at least three days to receive your payment before releasing the photos to the customer. These days, few people carry cash and most customers prefer the speed and convenience of online digital transactions.

Gift Cards

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.51 AM

Gift cards are a popular means for buying and selling nude pics because the cards are completely untraceable. A gift card is usually topped to a certain amount, which gives the user finite funds to use for select purchases. All the buyer needs is your gift card code to purchase pics and videos directly from your online platform.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.28.57 AM

If you are into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin, you can open up these payment options to your subscriber base.

How to Promote Yourself

To build a fanbase, offer customized photos and videos to subscribers at certain tiers. As long as it’s in your comfort zone, consider fetish themes. Popular fetishes include feet, latex, stockings, pantyhose and body oil. To convince more people why they should subscribe, offer freebies now and then.

Go to different adult-related websites to advertise your nude content. Open an account on Pornhub and upload snippets of your videos.

Advertise your brand on a mainstream social network like YouTube. While you can’t get nude on there, you can post sexy vlogs (ala Tara) and direct viewers to your OnlyFans.

Where to Sell Nudes Independently


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.29.04 AM

Twitter is an easy place to promote your adult-themed content. This might come as a surprise, given the platform’s mainstream profile and infamy for political censorship (sometimes in coordination with other mainstream social media like Facebook and YouTube). However, unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey has shown no interest in policing people’s prurient nature.

To run an NSFW Twitter account, you’ll need to mark your photos as sensitive content. Followers will have to verify their ages and click “view” to see your explicit photos. You can use Twitter to tempt new followers with a few freebies and direct those people to your OnlyFans and/or Patreon accounts.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.29.09 AM

Kik Messenger is a mobile app where you can transmit pictures, videos and messages. The app has been notorious for its loose policies and non-enforcement of age-verification protocols. Spambots have flooded the app with nude thot catfish accounts.

Kik can be a useful app for promoting your OnlyFans or Patreon, but be careful. Kik is accessed by lots of minors in the 12-17 age bracket and you could possibly face legal trouble for sending nudes to an underage recipient.


Screen Shot 2020 10 12 at 11.29.15 AM

SnapChat is a mobile photo-sharing app where you can share selfies from your smartphone. Your followers can view these pics for a limited time. As an account-holder, you can access your own archived pics in a password-protected folder.

SnapChat initially forbade nudity. Despite this, the app became popular among nude models and adult performers, largely because of its features. While SnapChat still looks down on nudity and accounts often get banned for such content, many creators flout these rules and post topless photos and other NSFW images.

Nude web models often promote their premium SnapChat accounts on Chaturbate and manage their subscriptions through FanPageTV. While SnapChat has turned a blind eye to a lot of this activity, one thing they have a zero-tolerance policy toward is OnlyFans. If you have an OnlyFans account, do not make any mention of it on SnapChat or your account will get nuked.

Benefits of Selling Nudes

1. Don’t have to touch the client

One of the best things about selling nudes online is that you can make as much money as a club stripper (usually a whole lot more) without even being in the same room as the audience. You don’t have to greet them, smell them or touch them. Best of all, they never get to touch you. They don’t even know where you are.

2. It’s Safe

Selling nude content on the internet is the safest way to make money off your physical assets. If you strip at a club, men could lie in wait outside and possibly follow you back home. When it’s all online, you don’t have to deal with drunk, horny men with no sense of boundaries.

In fact, most men who subscribe to models on sites like OnlyFans do so with an understanding that the only thing they’ll get in return is your photos, messages and video content.

3. Create your own hours

Imagine being able to get up and go to bed whenever you want. No alarm clocks, early morning showers and long commutes. When you make all your money on the internet, you can live according to your own preferred body clock, whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl.

4. Only have to work a few hours a day

As an online nude model, you could work as little as two hours a day: one shooting content and the other promoting your posts and messaging fans. You can also spread your workload in whichever way suits you best. Some internet models shoot photographs every day while others do multiple shoots one day each week.

If your spouse or partner works and is fine with you selling nude photographs, this could be an easy way to double your household income.

5. Make a lot of money

The amount of money you can make selling nude images and videos is almost limitless. Some of the top creators on OnlyFans are earning five figures each month.

6. Take command of your sexuality

Some women view sex work as empowering. If you are one of those women, this could be the best way to realize that aim. You’d be charging people to see the sexy side of you on your terms. You decide what they do and don’t get to see and you set the price. If they pay, they earn the privileged to see. You’re in command. There’s no risk or compromise.

Downsides of Selling Nudes

It’s crucial to remember that nudes can never be taken back. Ten years down the line, you could be in a different phase of life, only to see your nude images resurface on an internet forum. Even if you only sell nude pics to private buyers, some of your customers might leak them on Reddit.

Nude photos could also be used against you as a form of blackmail. If you ever find yourself holding a lofty position in a company or civics group, someone might threaten to blow the lid on your past life.

Before you post those first nude pics, take time to examine your future goals and aspirations. Do you ever see yourself going into politics, social work, the clinical field or anything that involves children? If you’re currently studying to be a nurse, a teacher or a news reporter, posting nudes online probably won’t square with those plans.

Beware of “customers” who request nudes through an independent website; you might get scammed by a non-payer. Always use a reliable website.

Is it Illegal to Sell Nudes?

It is illegal to sell nude pics to minors. Likewise, it’s illegal to sell or possess nude pics of minors. All participants in nude photography must be at least 18 years old at the time the photos are taken. As of 2019, it is illegal to send unsolicited nude pics in Texas.

Selling Nudes is the Safest & Best Way to Make Money with Adult Content

Nude pics can earn you lots of money, especially if you use the tools and platforms outlined in this article. If you feel the spark, take some pics and dive into the world of online nudity.





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