As anyone who's ever gone down the Bandcamp rabbit hole knows, the independent music streaming and e-commerce site offers a seemingly bottomless supply of sounds in every imaginable genre from every corner of the globe. Today, the U.S.-based company is showing solidarity with those corners affected by Trump's immigration ban by donating 100% of its share of all sales to the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We are, in fact, a nation of immigrants, bound together by a shared belief in justice, equality and the freedom to pursue a better life,” Bandcamp founder and CEO Ethan Diamond wrote in announcing the campaign. “In this context, last week’s Executive Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States is not simply immoral, it violates the very spirit and foundation of America.”

In addition to Bandcamp's own donations, more than 400 labels and artists who use the service have pledged to donate their sales today (Friday, Feb. 3), including Epitaph/Anti-, Kill Rock Stars, ATO, Merge, Rhymesayers, Hit City U.S.A., Mexican Summer, Ligature and War Records. For a complete list of participating artists and labels, go here.

Bandcamp staff have highlighted several artists from the countries affected by the immigration ban, as well as Mexico, since Trump is still promising to build his border wall. Their picks include everything from Syrian black metal to Libyan desert blues to Sudanese beat science and are well worth checking out. Or you can just take the plunge down the Bandcamp rabbit hole and make your own discoveries. Nearly everything on Bandcamp can be streamed in its entirety, but today especially, make sure you click that “buy” link and support the ACLU.

LA Weekly