Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough) finally took to his Facebook account to apologize to the Troubadour audience (though not to those he claims were heckling him). As we reported during the show and in our review, Badly Drawn Boy had an onstage meltdown last Friday where he called audience members the C-word and other epithets.

Here's the full text of Badly Drawn Boy's apology to his Los Angeles audience:

“I can start by saying that “there is no-one more upset by this situation than myself”

After a successful 3 week tour,this should have been the crowning send off but will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

As an artist you only want to do the job to the best of your ability…..when that is compromised there is a tendency to get frustrated.

I said on the mic “if i can't do my job well,then i may as well go home” to which one heckler shouted “just go home then” and then another “bring back Justin” ( Justin Jones,the support act).

Considering what i was going through,this was too much to bear.

I regret my choice of language directed at the hecklers and then I had to leave the stage to regroup.

I want to thank the people who stuck by me to finish the show,which ended well under the circumstances.

Of course,the hecklers had gone by then and wouldnt have been aware of what came next(and nor would they have cared).

I dont feel I owe an apology to those who heckled but I want to profusely apologise to those caught in the crossfire…especially a guy who had to leave with his young daughter and all of you who stuck by me to help turn things around.

Thanks to everyone else at the other shows who came along and made this a great tour for me….

I am sorry that it ended in this way and i will finish as I began “there is no-one more upset by this situation than myself”.

I would like to make a separate and personal apology to the Troubadour and all the venues staff.. Thank you for putting on my two shows in LA once more.

I would like to wish everybody a happy holiday season!”

LA Weekly