Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are living apart while they figure out what to do about their troubled marriage, according to the Los Angeles Times. She has moved out of the fantastic Brentwood home they share.

The former California governor has been out of office since January, so it's possible they were waiting until he was clear of politics to announce the split. Twitter is already going crazy, with sides forming over who will get what part of the fortune — and toys like his Hummer.

No other information was immediately available, but it will be interesting to see if Schwarzenegger can really make a “comeback” in Hollywood without the woman who guided him through much of his career.

She was there, in the hallways in the Sacramento Capitol building during the hours before he was sworn in as governor on November 17, 2003, even then closely monitoring and helping Schwarzenegger with the smallest details.

He has joked that he does Shriver's serious clothes shopping because he is a “clothes whore,” and she doesn't care nearly as much. He insists that he chooses her most beautiful jewelry for her, as well.

They have been a really close couple, at least as far as outward appearances go. This split is going to be tricky one, for them and for their children.

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