We going to go ahead and say out loud what a few friends have been mumbling privately: Jonesy.

We'll say it again, more clearly: Steve Jones, former guitarist for the Sex Pistols, former host of Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1, honest, no-bullshit music fan, should take Simon Cowell's retired position as American Idol judge.

He's a natural for TV:

He's got good interviewing skillz:

To that end, we suggest a petition, to read something like this:

We the undersigned would like to request to Fox Television and the producers of American Idol that Steve “Jonesy” Jones be considered as Simon Cowell's replacement as judge on American Idol. We believe that he has shown through his wildly influential radio show, Jonesy's Jukebox, that he possesses the honesty, integrity, humor, looks, British accent, demeanor, honesty, humor, and integrity to serve as the foil between Randy “Cool Guy” Jackson and whoever that lady is who's not Paula Abdul.

Though we'd much prefer he didn't have to judge American Idol, we the undersigned believe that since LA radio still hasn't given him a new talk show, he should be doing something constructive, like telling terrible singers that they're terrible and pathetic singers that they're pathetic.

Here's a Link to the Petition. Pass it around!

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