San Gabriel's mayor was arrested this morning for allegedly snatching a woman's purse, then racing away in his SUV at speeds up to 45 miles an hour — as his victim clung to the side of the vehicle, police said.

Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang, who was booked on suspicion of felony robbery and assault, was held at the local police station and later released on $100,000 bail, according to Lt. Ariel Duran.

The bizarre incident occurred at about 1:15 a.m. this morning when dispatchers got a call reporting that a man and woman were fighting next to a white van at 301 W. Valley Boulevard, Duran said.

The fight began at a local eatery, the Dumpling House Restaurant, at 301 Valley Boulevard.

The dispute, which police say was apparently over money, grew heated after “the male took the female's purse, which contained her car keys, cash and personal effects,” he said.

The mayor tried to drive off in the woman's van with her purse, but she reached through her vehicle's window and attempted to keep him from leaving, police say.

Then, the mayor allegedly tried to push her off and jumped into his own SUV to drive away. But she stood on the running board, and held onto the side of his car.

Huang, police say, then sped down Prospect Avenue at 45 mph in a 25 mph lane — with the woman hanging from the side for about a quarter of a mile.

Miraculously, the unidentified woman was not seriously harmed.

With reporting from City News Service.

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