File under: the world is a deeply weird place.

Here's a little theme song for the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull (“pronounced ay-uh-fyat-luh-yoe-kuutl-ul”) sung by Eliza Geirsdottir Newman and her magical ukelele (or toy guitar–we can't really tell).

Adding to the weirdness, it comes to us courtesy of Al-Jazeera, which is of course your go-to place for both leaked Osama Bin Laden cassette-tape rants and cutesy Nordic topical balladeers.

(thanks to WCS's Drew Tewksbury for the tip)

BONUS TRACK: Wanna see an atrocious YouTube amateur rap about Gary Numan vs. The Volcano (turn the bass way down–bass NSFW):

This atrocity is credited to Miss Crazy Hazy. Enjoy.


Gary Numan is a Pterodactyl

I was in London for a stay

A great trip, you know, I love the UK

But then when I went to fly to LA

A volcano in Iceland caused a huge delay

At first I thought, ok, this really stinks

I was going to Coachella to see Robin Finck

Then something outside caught my eye

Was it a bird, a plane? No, it's just a guy

But not just any guy, it was Gary Numan

Something about him seemed a bit inhuman

He was standing there, staring at the sky

He had his arms streched out, as if he could fly

And I didn't know why…

No, really, I was like “What the fuck, man, what are you doing?”

He motioned to a car & told me “Hop inside”

I couldn't say no even if I tried

He asked me where I needed to go

I said “To Coachella, wouldn't you know”

Then he looked at me straight in the eye

And said, “Here in my car, I will tell you why…”

Then he whispered in my ear and I couldn't believe it

I turned away and said “Dude that's bullshit!”

But when the car stopped and he jumped out

He started to change, and as it turns out…

Gary Numan is a Pterodactyl

I mean it for real, this is factual

I thought he was an android, but I guess

That was just a disguise, more or less

We were on a small, deserted road

His band pulled up, and started to unload

He e-mailed a message to upload to his site

To say that the band's travel time was really tight

They had to pretend things were not ok

Even though they knew they'd make it to LA

The next thing I knew, we were all on Gary's back

And at that point, I thought I might be on crack

Gary spread his arms, which had turned into wings

And as we took off, he started to sing


“JUST TRY TO STOP ME NOW Eyjafjallajokull!”

He soared through the sky just like an eagle

I didn't even know if it was legal

We made our trip in just under a day

Arrived in LA at night on Thursday

We landed on top of Robin Finck's house

I tip-toed on the shingles, just like a mouse

But as I discovered, Robin already knew

He waved to us from his barbeque

He said “Hey guys, you made it! I knew you would.”

“I barbequed some hot dogs, they're really good.”

We shimmied down the side, and settled in

I tried to act cool and say hi to Robin

We ate our hot dogs, and I felt out of place

Then Gary looked at me and made a silly face

It made me laugh, and I choked on my bun

And then I felt sick, which was really fun

That's when I told him that I had to go

I would find my own way to Indio

I said “Thanks for the lift, Gary, that was a blast”

“You got us to LA really fast”

I waved goodbye, and I left the scene

Rummaged through my bag and pulled out my Visine

I flagged down a guy who gave me ride

I told him I got lost, I totally lied

And as the day finally came to a close

And I blew the last black snot out of my nose

I knew I'd seen something really special

A human-like shape-shifting Pterodactyl

All this time, he kept us in the dark

Kind of like X-Men meets Jurrassic Park.

A Pterodactyl

Gary fucking Numan

Coachella 2010

With Robin Finck

And hot dogs…

LA Weekly