Beach Boys guitarist Al Jardine recently spoke with Rolling Stone and confirmed that

the Beach Boys are going to reunite for at least one concert next year to celebrate the group's 50th anniversary. Jardine tells Rolling Stone the lineup will include himself, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and possibly even early guitarist David Marks. “We're definitely doing at least one show — you heard it first,” Jardine says. “It's a big deal. I don't know where it will be yet, but it'll probably be free. Golden Gate Park was mentioned, as was the [National] Mall in Washington, D.C. and the north shore of Chicago by the beach.”

Jardine, currently promoting an iTunes-only release called Postcard from California, elaborated on his tour dream, apparently fueled by some conversations with the folks at LiveNation:

I want to see a 100-date anniversary tour,” […] I want to go all around the world, but if this is the way it has to be, then so be it. We're going to have to rehearse one hell of a show. My point is, if we're going to rehearse and make this such a wonderful show, we should take it on the road. It's the next logical step and it disappointments me that the other guys don't see if that way. I mean, it really bothers me. I know Live Nation has their fingers crossed we'll hit the road. We've gone one show definite, so at least we've got our foot in the door.”

Meanwhile representatives for Brian Wilson and Mike Love, who would be somewhat essential to accomplish such a grandiose plan, went, “Whatcha talking about, Al Jardine?”:

From Rolling Stone:

A source close to Mike Love says there have been discussions for a reunion concert, but nothing is set. Brian Wilson's manager, Jean Sievers, says she's unfamiliar with reunion plans. “Brian has a big new album coming out in August [Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin],” says Sievers, “and that's what he's a hundred percent focused on.”

Al Jardine's charming delusion might end up happening, though. Still, it's hard to forget that Love recently sued Jardine to prevent him from touring under the “Beach Boys Family and Friends” banner and that Brian Wilson can sell hipsterfuls of large theaters backed by a bunch of 30 year olds who'd gladly pay for the chance to play Wrecking Crew for a few nights.

It's probably all up to how large LiveNation can go on the deal. And with the current mortality rate of Baby Boomer drawing acts (the Who is a duo now, apparently), well, the last supergroup standing, whoever they be, will probably score pretty big.

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