We've said it before, and we'll say it again: here at West Coast Sound HeadQuarters we're extremely psyched about the upcoming Serge Gainsbourg biopic which is making its way through festivals now and will be released in the US sometime this year. The film is weird and non-linear, the casting is truly inspired, and, most importantly, they have a few scenes highlighting Serge's adorable pet, the bull-terrier Nana.

Through the magic of YouTube, we've recently found a 6 minute video of an interview Serge gave about his love for Nana. It's in French without subtitles, but that's irrelevant: it's one of the 20th century's unquestionable musical geniuses playing with an awesome puppy, so that should cheer up your day, whether you're Francophone or not.

(Our French is a little rusty, but we're pretty sure Serge at some point starts complaining about how the French are “racist” about bull-terriers and how they only like little French poodles. Let us know below if we got this wrong, but if we didn't, that's pretty funny.)


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