It was a year filled with reboots and remakes, throw-away cartoons, mourn porn tear-jerkers, CGI-over-loads, and Cats, but 2019 was still great for film-goers. Creative narratives, powerful performances and gorgeous shots galore made movie-going exciting again, and many from big directors became bonafide events, getting fans out to the theaters, even in the case of Netflix-produced films that made their way to our TV sets at home soon afterward. Awards are subjective, but The Golden Globes (which air this coming Sun., January 6) seemed to miss a lot of the most deserved films and performances this year, opting to honor star-power over dramatic artistry, though many films offered both. It’s anybody’s guess if the Oscars will do any better in acknowledging our favorites when they’re announced at the end of the month, but our writers will be watching and weighing in. L.A. Weekly‘s film and TV critics shared our Top 10 lists (end of this post) and from them, we created this Best Movies of 2019 list with links to read more about each. Enjoy.

10. Us

The Horror of Us: Jordan Peele's Exploration of Cultural Duality Is Exquisite

9. A Hidden Life

Movie Pick: A Hidden Life

8. Joker

Review: Joaquin Phoenix Isn’t Clowning Around in Joker

7. Uncut Gems

Review: Uncut Gems Sees Adam Sandler in His Hardest, Sharpest Role To Date

6. Parasite

Review: Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite Feeds Your Mind With Savage Social Critique

5. The Lighthouse

Review: The Lighthouse is a Masterful Mix of Myth and Mariners

4. Marriage Story

Marriage Story is an Empathetic Love Letter To Divorce

3. Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy is Big Pimpin’ in Netflix’s Dolemite is My Name

2. The Irishman

Review: Scorsese’s The Irishman is His Electrifying Elegy to the Gangster Film

1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Review: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a Flashback-Filled Fairy Tale With An Ending You Won’t Expect

Nathaniel Bell:
1. The Souvenir
2. Sunset
3. A Hidden Life
4. Transit
5. Varda by Agnes
6. The Lighthouse
7. 63 Up
8. Doctor Sleep
9. The Irishman
10. Olivia

Lina Lecaro:
1. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
2. Us
3. Dolemite Is My Name
4. The Irishman
5. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
6. The Two Popes
7. JT Leroy
8. Toy Story 4
9. Hail Satan
10. The Black Godfather

Chad Byrnes:
1. The Irishman
2. 1917
3. Marriage Story
4. Parasite
5. Midsommar
6. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
7. Dolemite Is My Name
8. Little Women
9. Knives Out
10. The Souvenir

Chuck Wilson:
1.  Uncut Gems
2.  Parasite
3.  Ford v. Ferrari
4.  1917
5.  Dolemite Is My Name
6.  Waves
7.  Luce
8.  Give Me Liberty
9.  Marriage Story
10. Fast Color

Asher Luberto:
1. A Hidden Life
2. A Portrait of a Lady on Fire
3. Marriage Story
4. The Nightingale
5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
6. Booksmart
7. The Irishman
8. The Two Popes
9. Uncut Gems
10. Ford V Ferrari

Erin Maxwell:
1. Joker 
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
3. The Irishman
4. My Name is Dolemite
5. Parasite
6. Jojo Rabbit
7. Climax
8. Knives Out
9. Marriage Story
10. The Lighthouse



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