Ladies, you know that sinking feeling that comes when a guy with romantic potential suddenly pulls a move so unnerving that it eradicates all of your previously held feelings of warm attraction? Yeah, we know you do. These are the top five things men do (or don't do) that turn desire into simply a desire to run.

He's Got Heinous Breath: Whether it's from cigarettes, onions, coffee or a suspicious lack of brushing, if his breath is repugnant to the point that you can't get within six inches of his face, how can he expect that you'll ever want to get in his pants? (And God forbid if his mouth hygiene is indicative of what he's got doing on down there). Double that if he's rocking that disgusting layer of gray tongue build-up. He has got to brush that shit. It's where all the stink is coming from.

He's Rude to His Mother/Sister/Small Children/Animals: The way he treats his female family members and things smaller and more helpless than himself is often indicative of the way that he treats all women, and thus, you. So if he refers to his apparently lovely mother as “that dumb bitch who birthed me” and complains incessantly about his sister and her “stupid job teaching sign language to underprivileged children,” or says he despises babies, or is uncomfortably rough with your cat, you can assume that sooner or later he's going to treat you the same way. Not sexy.

He's a Bad Tipper: Consider less than 15 percent a red flag and ten percent or less grounds for dismissal. Frugal is fine. Cheap is repugnant.

If he's picking up the check, he best be putting down the tip.

If he's picking up the check, he best be putting down the tip.

He's got Terrible Taste In Music: Sure we've all got a few old 311 CD-type skeletons in our musical closets, but if he seems genuinely excited about the Creed tickets he just scored, (“They're playing Human Clay in it's entirety at a casino near Riverside!”), it's totally okay to text your emergency exit contact and spring yourself from the scenario.

He Incessantly Mentions His Ex: Deeply annoying, even if he does it in a complimentary way, (“She would never do that thing you did with your tongue during sex!”). Gross. Move on immediately.

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