Mother's Day is on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. No need to get into a Googling gift search frenzy, as we have already compiled a handy last-minute Mother's Day gift list. Only here, you won't find the typical clichés like roses or chocolate, but gifts mom can drink. Heaven knows she deserves a strong one after putting up with all of your high school antics.

And not just any old point-and-click wine shipped overnight or picked up at the last minute on the way to brunch — mom will know, she always knows. But really great wine, beer and spirits thoughtfully chosen with your mom's personality in mind. A floral gin for the gardener, a trolley car-inspired beer for the traveler. The Myers-Briggs of mom and alcohol pairings, if you will. Get our 10 picks, in no particular order, after the jump.

10. For the music lover: Mandolin Wine

Mandolin makes solid and affordable ($12) Central Coast Pinot Noir for the Dudamel devotee, with Cabernet, Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot options for the jazz, pop or otherwise musically inclined mom. Yeah, adding a CD would be a lovely idea.

9. For the animal lover: Cru Vin Dogs Wine

Face it, she's “mom” to someone else now. Cru Vin Dogs is more than just a cute puppy portrait label. The winery donates a portion of its proceeds to various organizations that help canine causes.

Luggage Essential: Red Trolley Ale; Credit: jgarbee

Luggage Essential: Red Trolley Ale; Credit: jgarbee

8. For the traveler: Karl Strauss Off the Rails

Mom would agree, time flies. Karl Strauss has been brewing Red Trolley Ale for 20 years. Off the Rails is the brewery's maltier, hoppier and higher-alcohol modern tribute to its flagship beer. And yes, if you have the cash, it would be awfully nice to add a train, plane or, sure, trolley ticket to a fantastic destination.

7. For the social butterfly: Lillet Rosé

From Bordeaux's Maison Lillet, the Rosé is the company's first new aperitif in 50 years. A blend of five wines, orange liqueur and berry liqueurs, with a touch of quinine for that bittersweet (cocktail party) balance. And yes, Martha Stewart has a Mother's Day cocktail recipe to go along with it.

6. For the traditionalist: Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

Gin lasts a lot longer than that obligatory Mother's Day rose. Along with traditional gin spices, Nolet's offers up plenty of quite lovely “Turkish rose” memories.

5. For the chocolate connoisseur: Firestone Walker's Parabola

Parabola, the latest from the brewery's Proprietor's Reserve Series, is bold on flavor (bourbon, tobacco, chocolate). It also happens to pair perfectly with that box of chocolate that someone else in the family will surely hand over to mom.

4. For the environmentalist: Greenbar Collective's Spirits

There's something for every recycling-fueled mom from this local distillery that is as serious about sustainability as the flavor of the gin, rum, tequila, liqueurs and bitters it produces.

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Botanist Gin; Credit: jgarbee

Botanist Gin; Credit: jgarbee

3. For the gardener: The Botanist

This Botanist is a bottle with more than just a really great Mother's Day gift name. This beautifully balanced herb-and-floral medley is one of our favorite new gins.

2. For the well-intentioned but opinionated: Educated Guess Wine

Educated Guess. The great $18 Napa Cabernet, Chardonnay or Carneros Pinot Noir answer to the quintessential Mom question: What exactly ARE you doing with your life?? Might be a good idea to get two bottles.

1. For the mother-in-law: Everclear or any other hard alcohol

Yeah, sorry, we couldn't resist. If she's a gem, see Nos. 10 through 2. Otherwise, there's really no reason to explain here.

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