If you have cruised past First and Beaudry at night in the past couple weeks, you will have noticed that the parking lot on the Southeast corner of the intersection, once home to what many consider the best tacos in L.A., is now depressingly empty. There are no lines, no fragrant smoke, no cheerful taqueros. The salsa stains dotting the asphalt are the only evidence that Mexicali Taco & Co. was ever there. But fear not, your craving for cachetadas is soon to be sated. Mexicali Taco & Co. returns this Saturday evening, October 1st at Daily Dose.

How could such a well-regarded establishment just lose their location like that? Through no fault of their own, of course. They actually had a good relationship with their landlord, who owns several parking lots around town, according to Mexicali's Esdras. Apparently the landlord received complaints about taco trucks and stands that set up in some of his other lots, and to avoid trouble he closed down his whole taco-hosting operation. Unfortunate, of course, but understandable too. We have missed our zupermen and what last year Street Gourmet LA called “the only true carne asada in town,” but we're just glad to hear they'll be back soon.

As glorious as this news is, though, be prepared: this arrangement is far from permanent. In fact, it may last only a month, and certainly no more than three months. We're confident that that will not be the end of Mexicali, but we're definitely planning on getting our fill while we definitely can. See you tomorrow.

A chorizo cachetada; Credit: Jack Poole

A chorizo cachetada; Credit: Jack Poole

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