Ben Mesirow

The Highland Park Brewery team wearing gold; Credit: Tod Mesirow

L.A. Breweries of All Sizes Win Big at Great American Beer Festival

At 3:36 p.m. on October 7, in conference room 601 in the bowels of the Colorado Convention Center, a panel of experts speaks about the beer business. They touch on the differences between styles of IPAs and the new category for pumpkin beers. They talk about buyouts and ingredients and......
A cortado at the Semi-Tropic; Credit: Ben Mesirow

Echo Park Has So Many Coffee Shops

Frank Lloyd Wright (might have) said that if you tip the world on its side everything loose will land in L.A. And if you tip L.A. on its side, everything loose will land in coffee shops on weekday afternoons. So if you’re feeling at loose ends yourself, you should probably......
Lunch at Mesa Brazilian Eatery; Credit: Ben Mesirow

No Go de Chao: 3 Great Brazilian Restaurants Beyond Churrasco

The Olympics are a magical event, and not just because they abruptly transform all of your acquaintances into experts on the minutiae of dozens of obscure and complicated sports. Your aunt can tell you precisely how many fractional points should be deducted for the overlarge splash on the Italian diver’s......
Cold Bruja's bottled cold brew; Credit: Ben Mesirow

Cold Bruja's Bicycle Coffee Cart Rolls Out Next Month

If you start asking around among brewers, winemakers, bakers and caterers, you’ll notice a consistent refrain: the best part of the corporate world is leaving it. This isn’t a new story – every day at least one lawyer drops off the map to write a book, and who doesn’t know......
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