Among other things, the Tribune Company's announcement that it is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection has reliably sparked a chorus of anti-Semitic comments in the far-right blogosphere.

(Sam Zell photo via Gawker)

Under the headline, “Jew Tribune and New York Times Near Bankruptcy,” “Celtic Welsh Warrior,” posting on, breathlessly (and rather ungrammatically) wondered:

“These major Jew media corporations have enough assets to sell from

their big days in the zionist era, to stay afloat, the question is will

the Jews have the intelligence to sell off control, their monopoly, in


Then, Mike Parker's post on, bannered, “How Jew Zell Killed Chicago Tribune,

Once-Patriotic Paper,” simply reproduced a autopsy on Zell's

operations (although the idea for this headline was his). It was

followed by some disgruntled commentators.

“The Jew bankers,” reader Bob R declared, “are the ones who decided [Zell's] 300 million dollars was

enough equity to loan him 8 billion dollars, it's all a fictional,

fairy tale rationalization for laundering money, but soon the Jews

won't need to come up with any excuse for flooding the economy will

bullshit money, because Americans will all be mulattos and MTV retards

who don't understand anything I”m saying.”

Bob R further detected a pattern to the way in corporations such as

Tribune Company are run, once the Jews leverage possession of them :

“Jews,” he noted, “immediately fire all the white males, ship the

factories to Mexico, start importing all their parts from Asia, begin

using the corporation to hire niggers and hot white women and put them

in the same room all day, and they slap their occult satanic logos all

over the company.”

So far, there's been no rebuttal from Tribune Company's corporate HR office.

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