How would some of L.A.'s most interesting and influential people live their last day in L.A.? We find out in this series, which accompanies our Best of L.A. issue.

I'd wake up at about 6:30, and the first thing I would do is go to King's Road Café (8361 Beverly Blvd.) for an iced coffee and steak burrito for breakfast. I love that place — I've been going there forever.


After that, I'd come to Cave CrossFit (7773 Beverly Blvd.) to work out. I'd probably work on some Olympic lifting technique, then some conditioning with gymnastics, runs or rows.

Once I got my workout in, I'd want to go to Santa Barbara to go skydiving. There's a company called Skydive Santa Barbara ( where, when you jump, you overlook the ocean, and the highest point you can jump from is 18,000 feet. It's so high that they have to provide you with oxygen. You're on such an adrenaline rush after that, you just want to get back on the plane and jump again.

When I finished skydiving, I would come back to L.A. and head to the beach. I like Point Dume (Westward Beach Road, Malibu). From there, I would go and lift again at Waxman's Gym (15701 Condon Ave., Lawndale). Their knowledge of Olympic lifting is beyond anything I've ever experienced. They coach very high-level athletes, and they really understand the body and performance. Sean, the owner, is a medalist himself.

After I finished lifting, I'd come back to this side of town and go to BLD (7450 Beverly Blvd.). They have a really amazing hash, with bacon, eggs, potatoes and beets.

I'd also like to see my tattoo artist. He's at a shop called Velvet Grip (7213½ Santa Monica Blvd.), and he goes by “The Todd.” I've been going to him for five or six years. He's so patient, and he takes so much pride in his art. I would have him finish the sleeve on my right arm.

If I could fit it in, I'd want to go bungee jumping. There's a place called Bungee America ( in the San Gabriel Mountains — you hike five miles to get there, and then you jump off this bridge that's 10 stories high, over rushing water and boulders. It's the most frightening thing I've ever done.

After that, it would be evening and I'd head over to Petty Cash (7360 Beverly Blvd.). My favorite thing to eat there is the cauliflower nachos, and they make amazing skinny margaritas.

I'd end the day by going to the El Rey (5515 Wilshire Blvd.) to see whoever's playing. If I could pick anyone to see, it would be Thom Yorke from Radiohead — he did a solo piece with Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and I'd love to see them together.

—As told to Jessica Ogilvie

Zee Brod is the co-owner of Cave CrossFit on Beverly Boulevard in the Fairfax District. He's a Los Angeles native, an admitted adrenaline junkie, and fifth among 11 siblings.

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