One of the unexpected reminders provided by yesterday's arrest of Fabian Nunez's son, Esteban, in connection with the stabbing death of a San Diego college student, is just how unhinged a certain segment of white people become any time a nonwhite appears in the news. Especially if that person is accused of a crime. The emails began pouring in to newspapers from California's cabins, trailers and padded cells almost from the moment the younger Nunez's arrest was announced. The Sacramento Bee's email pouch soon had to be vetted of vitriolic messages.

By Wednesday evening one reader was led to incredulously ask, “Why is there such a tone of impulsive HATE with people who don't even know each other — including those commenting on this story?”

See San Diego Police Dept. report  and murder complaint of alleged Nunez crime.

While occasionally an email would denounce the “political correctness run amok” behind the Bee's use of accents marks over Nunez's name, most of the angry messages were aimed at Fabian Nunez, the former Speaker of the Assembly. The message quoted above had been preceded by one that read, in part:

While Nunez sr was raping the taxpayers, supporting any and every program for illegals, his kid was a murderous gang banger . . . I'm sure theirs many more scumbags roaming the halls in Sactown that haven't been caught yet. I'll bet the entire Mexican Sactown legislature has the same type of gang banging kids at home.

Further down came this comment:

Like father like son . . . Fabian Nunez has been killing California for years and now he's got a son that learned how to take a life. Both should be doing life in prison!

Early in the morning there had been angry comments from writers who claimed to have lost their state jobs because of the elder Fabian. Even so, the malarial reaction — Fabian Nunez is somehow guilty of his son's alleged crime and should spend life in prison — seems to come from a profoundly dislocated corner of the psyche. We saw this stuff during the presidential campaign, of course, when it was revealed just how many Americans believe Barack Obama was a Muslim who'd taken his Senate oath on a Koran. And, thanks to “books” such as Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation, our Hannitys, Limbaughs and other white-wing media figures felt factually justified in spreading the hallucinatory ravings of professional haters. Forget being a mere Democrat — in their eyes, Obama was a doctrinaire Communist who couldn't wait until the formality of his election was over before putting on his Mao jacket and inaugurating the Red Terror.

The basic white grievance is this: “The minority politician I hate got his position because of affirmative action and now gets away with murder and treason because of political correctness. If I so much as said I admire Christopher Columbus, I, being white, would be locked in leg irons for the rest of my life.”

Although the Bee apparently was moved to censor some of the more virulent emails it received from its Nunez story, posters to hard-right sites such as the Free Republic faced no such danger. There the Nunez story provoked a veritable Guy Fawkes Night of incendiary chatter:

 Ho Hum, another Democrat murderer . . . wrote one person, followed by another poster who said: Every time I hear about rat kids doing wrong, I'm reminded that if the dad or mom was Republican, the MSM [Mainstream Media] would be demanding that they step down and rinos would be running around back those calls. Sometimes I wish rats would react the same way. Oh well, when you don't have scruples or a conscience . . .

Here again, the grievance is that somehow the younger Nunez is getting preferred treatment because Fabian Nunez is a Democrat — and, by inference, because he's not white. Also, it's interesting to note that the poster considers Democrats murderers and reduces to “rats” the offspring of Nunez and other parents who displease him. Writers like these seem to be answering questions we cannot hear, because the questions don't come from public discourse but from voices deep inside the posters' heads.

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