The website Curbed LA takes a look this week at some anti-downtown-stadium videos and calls them out for their lack of facts. They also appear to bait the issue with a slight hint of racism, noting repeatedly that Lakers championship celebrations downtown have seen violence (read: brown violence).

In a series of three videos, two white guys chop it up public-service-announcement-style about the proposed downtown Los Angeles NFL stadium, with the smart one saying that the project would just bring more crime and riots to the area.

But the duo is caught in a few lies:

Curbed called these errors:

-Smart Guy claims people “died” in the championship unrest last year: Not true. although there were injuries.

-One video claims downtown is “dangerous enough,” but crime rates have been falling in the area.

-Smart Guy says the stadium would necessitate the tearing down of part of the convention center “we all know and love.” No, the West Hall is the old, funky part of the campus we all know and hate. Few, it seems, would be sad to see it go.

But perhaps what's most distasteful about the videos is how they portray downtown as a slime pit in language that appears to us to have racial undertones. (Two white guys, in a county where one of every two people is Latino, talking about “shady people”).

Says Dumb Guy: “I have seen some pretty shady people down there and I have gotten my car broken into.”

Yeah, LA Live is real shady.

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