Thurs., Oct. 27

One of the more interesting events included in the first slate of Film Independent programming at LACMA is tonight's screening of Pier Paulo Pasolini's 1961 directorial debut, Accattone, a bleak tale of a pimp and his prostitutes, starring nonactor Franco Citti. The screening is associated with UCLA's essential Italian neorealism series, Days of Glory (see Saturday).

Fri., Oct. 28

UCLA's L.A. Rebellion series continues with tonight's 7:30 screening of Welcome Home, Brother Charles, the ambitious UCLA undergraduate project of director Jamaa Fanaka, shot by classmate Charles Burnett.

Sat., Oct. 29

If Thursday's LACMA screening only whetted your appetite for postwar Italian hooker movies, check out UCLA's double feature of Bitter Rice (1949, directed by Giuseppe De Santis) and Without Pity (1947, directed by Alberto Lattuada and written by Federico Fellini).

Halloween weekend offers an abundance of classic horror treats. The sixth annual Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon, beginning at 7:30 and running all night at the Aero, includes back-to-back screenings of modern classics such as Pet Sematary and Videodrome, and free coffee, soda and energy drinks (spooky!).

The New Beverly has a full stream of horror stuff from Thursday through Monday, but we're betting on tonight's midnight screening of George McCowan's 1972 eco-sploitation thriller Frogs as being particularly choice, a) because it was selected by Quentin Tarantino, and b) because its Wikipedia entry makes special note of its “beefcake” scenes (yes, multiple) featuring future Jurassic Park star Sam Elliott.

Finally, expect movies, music, tacos and aggressively hip Halloween costumes at Cinefamily's Disco Dracula Dance Party and Fundraiser, 8 p.m. at the Silent Movie Theatre.

Sun., Oct. 30

The Egyptian screens David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. tonight at 7:30. This needs no introduction or commentary, because it is Mulholland fucking Dr.

German Currents wraps up tonight at the Aero with two of the lineup's strongest titles: The Look, a nonfiction rumination on beauty starring actress Charlotte Rampling, screens at 5 p.m., followed by Sleeping Sickness, Ulrich Koehler's highly acclaimed Silver Bear winner from this year's Berlinale, at 7:30.

In honor of Vincent Price's 100th birthday, LACMA is showing a free marathon of six Price films today, starting with The Pit and the Pendulum at 1 p.m. And in honor of the closing weekend of LACMA's Tim Burton exhibit, the museum will be open all night tonight, and until midnight on Halloween.

Mon., Oct. 31

It's Halloween, so throw a rock and you'll hit four or five scary movie screenings. Our pick for the best place to hide out from the mobs of masked children? Cinefamily's screening of William Castle's The Tingler, complete with shock-wired seats in line with the great Castle gimmick Percepto. —Karina Longworth

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