Karina Longworth

Charles Swan was Sheen's first acting gig after his infamous meltdown.; Credit: Kevin Scanlon

Charlie Sheen Is Winning with Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

Charlie Sheen lives in a big, yellow house on a T-shaped intersection in the middle of a fake neighborhood in a gated community off Mulholland Drive. When I arrive there on a Saturday afternoon in January, I am intercepted in Sheen's driveway by a security guard, a friendly, not- intimidatingly-large......
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Top 10 Films of 2012

See also: *More L.A. Weekly Film Coverage More than ever, boiling this concluding year down to the 10 "best" movies feels both arbitrary and reductive. Ideally, I'd have 25 unnumbered slots. I'd cite another five, formally varied nonfiction films: Tchoupitoulas, Detropia, The Ambassador, Only the Young and How to Survive......
Patrick Retrocognition

Festival of (In)appropriation Goes Beyond the Mash-up

The appropriation of mainstream/commercial culture by artists is nothing new — you can trace it back through Negativland, Craig Baldwin and other post–hip-hop culture jammers of the '80s and '90s; Guy Debord and the Situationists of the '60s; Duchamp and the Dadaists; and probably further. But in the era of......