Thursday, May 17

Two of the American Cinematheque's many facets are on display tonight. Robert Bresson's penultimate work of existential despair, The Devil, Probably, screens at Santa Monica's Aero Theatre in a pristine 35mm print that should not be missed. Over at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre is a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp double feature (from a particularly fruitful period in their collaboration): Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands. The screenwriters of the former, Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, will be present for a discussion between screenings.

Friday, May 18

L.A. Filmforum is having one of the last Alternative Projections screenings at the Echo Park Film Center, and tonight it's a doozy, beginning at 8 p.m. and running into the wee hours of the morning. The films to be screened are a surprise, but the work of Pat O'Neill, Chick Strand, Curtis Harrington and many others will be shown.

Starting tonight, the New Beverly will be showing Federico Fellini's I Vitelloni for six nights in a row, on three different double bills that pair Fellini's film with a movie it inspired. Tonight and Saturday it plays with Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets, while on Sunday and Monday it's accompanied by George Lucas' American Graffiti and on Tuesday and Wednesday by Barry Levinson's Diner.

Saturday, May 19

The UCLA Film and TV Archive is having a Rock Hudson double feature, pairing Michael Gordon's delightful sexual-politics romp Pillow Talk with Douglas Sirk's emotionally sweeping Magnificent Obsession.

Sunday, May 20

Cinefamily hosts a tribute to the recently departed Renaissance man extraordinaire Václav Havel — playwright, filmmaker and erstwhile president of the Czech Republic — with a screening of Leaving, his directorial debut, followed by The Garden Party (which is based on one of his plays).

Wednesday, May 23

Simultaneously one of the greatest melodramas, westerns and movies ever made, Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar plays tonight at the Downtown Independent. —Veronika Ferdman

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