Thursday, May 3

World-renowned though he may be, Peter Greenaway's films are rarely screened on the local repertory circuit, which makes the New Beverly's double feature of The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover and The Belly of an Architect a very special occasion.

Friday, May 4

Al Pacino (at his scenery chewing best) and Robert De Niro (in contrast, notably restrained) are two sides of the cop-criminal coin in Michael Mann's crowning achievement, Heat, playstonight at the Aero.

Across town, Josh Slates' great debut feature, Small Pond — about a 20-something girl caustically stumbling through life in a dead-end town — screens at the Echo Park Film Center. Slates and cast members Hari Leigh and Susan Burke will be in attendance.

Saturday, May 5

The UCLA Film and TV Archive is having a Bela Lugosi horror double feature, including his most iconic film, Tod Browning's Dracula, plus Edgar G. Ulmer's deliciously perverse and self-reflexive The Black Cat, which also stars Boris Karloff.

Sunday, May 6

One of Bela Tarr's only color films, the luridly lit Almanac of Fall, plays at 5 p.m. at Cinefamily. Set entirely within the confines of an apartment, it's a grim tale of five souls clashing against each other.

The Egyptian's Noir City festival concludes tonight with a female-centric double feature of Mary Ryan, Detective and Fred Zinnemann's first film, Kid Glove Killer (neither is available on DVD). Marsha Hunt stars in both films and will be present for a Q&A between the features.

The UCLA Film and TV Archive screens Erich von Stroheim's Blind Husbands (in which von Stroheim cast himself as a predatory villain who seduces a neglected wife) and the Lon Chaney-starring The Phantom of the Opera. —Veronika Ferdman

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