Want to learn how to make David Lebovitz's pink grapefrult-Champagne sorbet cocktail on your phone in French? His nectarine-berry cobbler in Chinese?

Well, now you can, thanks to Lebovitz's new iPhone app. Yes, the baker, blogger and King of Tweets has come up with an app, conveniently on the heels of the recent publication of his latest book, Ready for Dessert.

You can access his recipes, photos, his blog, his Facebook page, even his fan wall. Short of moving to Paris, it's as close to having the former Chez Panisse pastry chef living next door as you're probably going to get. Or, as Lebovitz puts it, “and with the touch of a button, you can dial in to my Twitter feed, where I say things all sorts of inappropriate things.” Bless him.

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