It's been a few days since Paula Deen made the front pages of, well, everything. In the wake of the firestorm following her admission that she made racial remarks, lots of things have happened to the Savannah cookbook author and food personality. We thought we'd give you a succinct update, kind of like a CliffsNotes, if you will. Because sometimes one line, or a headline, can pretty much sum things up, can't it. (See: The Huffington Post.)

The Huffington Post: Paula Deen Offered Six-Figure Pay Day By Porn Company

Associated Press: Publisher cancels multibook Paula Deen contract

TMZ: My N-Word Excuse … I'M OLD

The New Yorker: Paula Deen's Ugly Roots

ABC News: 12 Companies That Have Cut Ties With Paula Deen

CNN: Can we forgive Paula Deen?

The Daily Beast: Why Has Paula Deen Been Vilified, While Alec Baldwin's Been Given a Pass?

The New York Times: Food Network Drops Paula Deen

Associated Press: Smithfield drops Paula Deen as spokeswoman

People: Paula Deen in Crisis

Bloomberg Businessweek: For Paula Deen, Management Mess Leads to Career Meltdown

Fox News: TV chef Paula Deen's Food Network firing impacts those involved with her shows

The Boston Globe: Paula Deen's 'Bubba' problem

The Blaze: Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen After Firing: 'Do We Always Have to Make People Go Away?'

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