Why is it that when life imitates art it always seems to mimic the plot of some terrible horror film? Like that time we went on a field trip from our space station and brought back cryogenically frozen specimens from Earth One, only to discover that one of them was the legendary murderer/monster Jason Voorhees. We barely survived that terrible movie plot, and it seems like we may be in for another one in the coming months. Chinese farmers have apparently overused a special growth-enhancement chemical on their watermelons, and now the whole crop is exploding.

According to an Associated Press report, the farmers used a growth chemical too late in the season, and in weather that was too wet, so the watermelons grew to the point of bursting. What's the natural thing to do with produce ruined by extreme amounts of size-increasing chemicals? Feed it to livestock of course, in this case pigs and fish. What impact exactly the massive amounts of this chemical will have on the farm animals we can't be sure, though it certainly seems to us like we're about 2 steps away from Pigzilla.

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