For those of us who have spent WAY too much time lost near the Burbank airport, driving down one street or another in the concrete tangle of one-way streets chasing Bob Hope's ghost, searching, often in vain, for Rocio Camacho's latest mole palace and maybe a stack of bright green tortillas made in the tortillaria next door, lost in Sun Valley, wherever and whatever that is, desperately hungry — finally there's an app for this existential and gastronomical condition.

Rocio's Mole de los Dioses has debuted their app, a simple yet utterly necessary (for some of us) iPhone and iPad app that not only tells you the restaurant's location and hours, but allows you to order that mole de los dioses (number 6 on our list of 100 favorite dishes of 2012), or whatever else you want from the menu. You can order stuff, pay for it, view past orders, log-in via Facebook, whatever makes you happy. Best of all, you can find the place and not end up driving around near some runway, faint from hunger. Your occupational hazard joke here: __________.

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