Ilan Hall, downtown's favorite Top Chef and the man behind The Gorbals, plans to open a second restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles. (Thanks to Eater for the tip on this one.) When we spoke to Hall yesterday, he said he's been looking at locations for years — ever since he opened The Gorbals in 2009. As for the concept behind the new restaurant, Hall says it's difficult to describe in words.

“It'll be like a cross between Noma — the greatest restaurant in the world — and California Pizza Kitchen,” Hall said, explaining that we can expect menu items like BBQ chicken pizza with muskox tartare, and pickled fiddleheads with white truffles. “It'll be a little elBulli and a little McDonald's.”

As for the name, Hall says to expect some flashy culinary/hip-hop hybrid like “Bone Tongues-n-Hominy” — or perhaps a name that everyone in the world will recognize, like “Osama Bin Laden.”

Of course, Hall's kidding — Bone Tongues-n-Hominy would fly right over the head of any restaurant patron over the age of forty-five. Besides, the chef doesn't have a concept yet, and probably won't have one until he finds the right space.

“When I sign a lease, I'll let you know,” he said. Until then, we'll dream of Hall, dressed in black, officiating over the union of elBulli and McDonald's — two complete culinary non sequiturs.

LA Weekly