Once upon a time there was a hilarious British comedy group called Beyond the Fringe, in which Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller and Peter Cook made Monty Python look, well, not as funny as they were. One of the more brilliant skits was about the end of the world, in which a group of hermit types waited for the apocalypse on some windswept mountaintop. It did not come. They agreed to meet again the following day. They would bring sandwiches. Well now, courtesy of Glenn Beck, anyone waiting for the apocalypse can have a whole knapsack of food and supplies to choose from. Thank you, Glenn.

Glenn Beck has recently, according to Time, begun sponsoring a site called foodinsurance.com that sells emergency preparedness kits for the coming apocalypse. Terrorism. Pandemic. Unemployment. You know, the end of the world as we know it, perhaps particularly if we vote Democrat.

The emergency kits, which run $249.99, include: a backpack, 2-week supply of freeze-dried food, masks, cooking tin, reusable heat source, and waterproof matches. No word on if they include Beck's many books along with an end-of-the-world instruction manual.

So how about a Tea Party option? Dehydrated cucumber sandwiches for Judgment Day. Just a thought.

LA Weekly