This week, Jonathan Gold visits Koreatown, the soondae restaurant, and specifically Eighth Street Soondae, one of the oldest and most respected of its genre.

Soondae, for example, Korean blood sausage, is a popular dish, and you proably could have led a friend to two or three places that serve the stuff, including Western Soondae or that superfunky place down on Vermont. Soondae has always had its place. But without Google Translate and a bit of legwork, it would have been difficult to tell that Koreatown had not just a few but dozens of soondae specialists; that we were in the middle of a full-blown soondae renaissance.

Read the complete story in Gold's Counter Intelligence, “There Will Be Blood: Eighth Street Soondae leads Koreatown's Sausage Renaissance.” and check out Anne Fishbein's photo gallery. Then, probably, get in your car.

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