Andre Guerrero is a busy man these days, what with running his hugely popular Oinkster joint, location scouting for a second Oinkster, and co-ordinating with the Lefebvres on their upcoming LudoBites 6.0, which will be running out of Guerrero's restaurant-in-limbo space in Sherman Oaks. (The space housed Max, then Marche, and Guerrero now calls it Max again, though Max is not currently operating.) He's also working on another project, about which more later. But included in this long list is not, he wanted us to mention — and contrary to recent reports — the opening of a second Señor Fred.

Señor Fred is owned and operated by Guerrero's former partner, Michael Lamb, who bought the business and the name (Guerrero likes to name his restaurants after his sons: Fred and Max) five years ago. Lamb was also partners with Guerrero on the previous incarnation of Max. Also for the record: Guerrero is no longer at BoHo, having left almost six months ago. Of course, by next week no one else will at BoHo either, as they're closing after final service Sunday. BoHo is not closing for good, but relocating to Hollywood and Highland, hopefully by the beginning of December. Okay, so that's today's edition of Musical Restaurants. Stay tuned, of course, because somebody's always changing the playlist.

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