Dip your toes in the ocean and then enjoy the timeless ambiance of the house William Randolph Hearst built for actress Marion Davies on Santa Monica's Gold Coast, which provides the setting for Timeless: Marxist Dances @ the Beach, the latest from Keith Glassman Dance & Performance. This site-specific project, utilizing the inside and outside of the house, is the product of Glassman's two-month stint as artist in residence and a series of public dress rehearsals building to this single performance. Comfortable shoes are recommended, along with sun protection for those who opt for the last public rehearsal Sunday at 2:30 p.m. It's doubtful ubercapitalist Hearst would approve of Marxist dances here, but thanks to public and private funds, the house has taken on new life as the Annenberg Community Beach House. This performance is indicative of the venue's burgeoning roster of events and endeavors offering artistic excuses to spend time at the beach.

Mon., May 16, 2011

LA Weekly