Despite finding fame with the very public ridiculing of a fellow musician's manhood (MySpace hit “Short Dick Cuizi,” which cut Parisian rapper Cuizinier down to size), Yelle's all about relentless Euro-electro charm. The dance world's been thoroughly seduced by French acts of late (Daft Punk, Justice, et al), and here comes another one. Almost defiantly singing in her native tongue only ups Yelle's coy joy as she wraps genuine melodies and nursery rhyme refrains around squelchy/fuzzy Radio Shack synths and migraine-inducing mega-kicks. “

Je Veux Te Voir” (the finalized version of “Short Dick Cuizi”) bounces all over Toni Basil's “Mickey” with help from the Human League, Ace of Base and flurried déjà views of Neneh Cherry's “Buffalo Stance”; while “A Cause Des Garcons” could be the analog-driven incidental music from some early-'80s movie, weaving fake-for-fake's-sake beat box cascades around textured stop/start science project stabs. Yelle's performance at the Music Box in November had even the bar-hugging +1 posers moving – you're next.

LA Weekly