Reader comments are to blogs what letters to the editor used to be, more or less. But as anyone who used to read those has long recognized, blog comments are — not unlike blogs themselves — faster, shorter, and often far more irreverent. Which is what makes them so much fun. So, as the year draws to the close and the Year in Review pieces accumulate as fast as the Best Of lists, we thought we'd weigh in with our own Best Blog Comments of 2010.

Have we missed some good ones? Of course we have. There were about 7,000 comments, so forgive us if you wrote a haiku version of the Great American Novel in comment form and we didn't include it. You can always comment below and remind us, or hey, there's always 2011. Turn the page for 10 of our favorite blog comments of the last year. And thank you.

Credit: Flickr/Martin LaBar

Credit: Flickr/Martin LaBar

10. bsquared: I actually do have the ability to taste soup with me eyes. It can be a blessing and a curse.

Do Not Phở-sake Me, Oh My Darling

9. Cam: I was a participant in this study, and it had some egregious methodological flaws. Participants “inflicted” tone blasts on the actor by circling numbers on a piece of paper. Anyone with any sense of cause and effect would realize that circling numbers on a sheet of paper could in no way be translated into a tone blast in real time to another room. Not to mention that the supposedly live video of the actor showed no signs of him receiving the tone blasts – he wasn't wearing headphones and no tone blasts were heard from his side of the video. It was clear from the onset that I was not inflicting pain on the actor.

This just goes to show how important it is to carefully consider the Methods section of a research paper. This doesn't mean that what the researchers found is not true, but in no way can we conclude that meat calms men down until a study with a better methodology is conducted.

Research Study Finds The Sight of Meat Calms Men Down

8. Dave Lieberman: I am currently drinking Pschitt.

Top Ten Rude Food Names

7. Anonymous: I think it will extend fine dining to all the old blue hair ladies that eat Friskies. Now they have a wine to go with thier fine meals they share with their cats.

Hello Kitty Wine: Cat People and Alcoholics Rejoice!


[Updated] Chick-fil-A Coming to Hollywood at Sunset & Highland



5. Motoswami: I overheard a painfully hip girl use the term “Foodielicious” when biting into a pedestrian pizza slice on Hollywood Blvd last week. You are right, this is a BAD trend…

Top 10 Foodie Words We Hate: Starting With Food

4. Sinosoul: Double kudos for trekking up to Van Nuys. I prefer smelling like cheap stripper perfume myself but, point well taken.

Squid Ink Food Fight: Meet Your Meat, Columbian Favorite Sobrebarriga en Salsa

3. Onanie Bomb: I bet the house belongs to Richard Alarcon.

L.A. Couple Arrested For Growing Psychedelic Mushrooms

2. non blogger who is laughing & crying: I can only hope that LAweekly has some system for closing and or removing all comments so that people can return to more productive behavior. Like eating, and laughing, and posting – each according to their own style – so I can go back to Reading about food and chefs – and not about bloogers.

Meet Your Food Blogger: Javier Cabral of Teenage Glutster

1. MyLastBite: Hey, my parents are out of town this friday. Coors Party Ball anyone?

Meet Your Food Blogger: Javier Cabral of Teenage Glutster

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