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Ximena Sariñana knocked the wind out of us at the SXSW PlayNetwork showcase last week. We weren't quite as delirious as a pair of Mexican twink uber-fanboys who'd traveled hundreds of miles, but we were certainly smitten. For starters, she's funny. “When I started performing in the U.S. I wasn't used to hauling my own gear,” she told us after the show. “In Mexico there's a lot of cheap labor.”

Then there's the latest single off her self-titled album, “Echo Park,” a tender skewer of the L.A. neighborhood and its denizens. “Everyone's like, 'Hipsters suck,'” she says. “But at the same time, we're all hipsters.” (The video is below.) Though she's about to move to Mar Vista, she's a former Echo Parker herself, and in the spirit of the song here are five things she loves about Echo Park boys.

5. They don't take baths

She likes that they're, quite literally, filthy. “I'm not a very girly girl,” she imparts, although, dressed in a sherbert tank top and floral skirt she is, perhaps, the essence of femininity. “They're always dirtier than me.”

4. Their tendency towards borderline Asperger's

They can be obsessive, but at least they're obsessive about cool stuff. “They feel like they have to be OCD when it comes to things like bands, literature, and art,” she says. “I like how knowledgeable they are.”

3. They're spectac-ular

“I like the glasses they wear, the ones with the big frames,” she notes. But she cautions against overdoing the look. “I always say do the frames, the mustache, or the hat, but not all three, because we can't see your face!”

Credit: Ben Westhoff

Credit: Ben Westhoff

2. They're aloof

“I like how skeptical they are. Nothing impresses them. That can make fun of everything; there's something very Mexican about that.”

1. Their metabolism

Echo Park guys tend to be foodies into locally grown and sustainable shit, but Sariñana is mostly just impressed with how they're able to process it all. “It makes me so jealous. They must have an extra stomach.” She sighs. “If I ate like a hipster I would be three times my size.”

See also: Ximena Sariñana: An Indie-Pop Star In Mexico, Anonymous In L.A.

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