Chad Ochocinco, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, 6-time Pro Bowl selectee and former player at Santa Monica City College, is known primarily for having legally changed his name (from Johnson) to the two numbers on his uniform, and for getting his own cereal, Ochocincos. Not anymore. As of today he will be henceforth be known as the guy responsible for making sure parents finally get their kids to eat, I don't know, bowls of oatmeal for breakfast. This is because the toll free number on boxes of Ochocincos, the one that's supposed to happily send altruistic-minded children with cell phones to a Feed The Children hotline, has been sending them to a sex line instead. No, it's not Porn for Preschoolers, but a misprint.

Ochocinco's Twitter feed has been chronicling the ordeal. First the wide-receiver-turned-cereal-czar tweeted his apologies about the error, “Awe man im bummed about the cereal number mixup on the cereal, trying to do good and got messed up, of all numbers why that one!!! Sorry.” But even more hilarious is his most recent tweet, sent out a few minutes ago: “First my cereal has the wrong number now someone stole my pregnant pigeon and her cage, who the fuck steals pigeons they are everywhere FUCK.” After somebody calls the FDA, or whichever department deals with cereal and porn, I think maybe a call to Tony Dungy might be in order.

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