What's usually in the email in-box: PR releases, work-in-progress updates, spam, pictures of band practice from my dad, more PR releases. What was in the in-box this morning: a link to a video from the makers of the Wursttoaster (Best New Kitchen Invention). “Hello from Germany. I am the inventor of sausage toasters and I am very pleased that even Americans are interest in this idea. A friend and I have now made an interesting video. We wanted it to look American style. I hope you enjoy it. Best regards, Felix.”

Felix is Felix Rennies, who with his business partner Marco Bruns invented the sausage toaster (499€, or about $680) to help British people cook sausages, or wursts, properly. Here's the video, which is just hilarious. Imagine an Iron Man trailer, if Richard Wagner had directed the movie instead of Jon Favreau. Vielen Dank, Felix.

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