We know that you've done your own research and that you're adamant Los Angeles has the worst traffic than pretty much anyplace other than hell.

But you're wrong.

According to the new annual “Traffic Scorecard” released today by traffic data company Inrix …

… Honolulu has surpassed L.A. in traffic congestion.

Credit: Inrix

Credit: Inrix

The firm seems to blame our high unemployment (where you going if you don't have a job?) and high gas prices (Southern California often leads the nation in overpriced fuel):

Cities showing the biggest drops in traffic congestion also were cities where gas prices exceeded the national average at its April 2011 peak ($3.96), including L.A. ($4.25), San Francisco ($4.25) and Honolulu ($4.48) …

L.A. drivers waste 56 hours a year in traffic versus Honolulu's 58. (Our boss notes that getting stuck on the coastal road along Waikiki can be worse than any 405 parking lot, although you can pick up some fresh mango … and it smells better.)

Alas, we are still king of the “worst traffic corridor” in the land … that aforementioned 405 freeway. Inrix:

A 13-mile stretch of the San Diego Fwy/I-405 NB from I-105/Imperial Hwy interchange through the Getty Center Dr. exit that takes 33 minutes on average, with 20 minutes of delay.

And the third-worst:

A 15-mile stretch of the Santa Monica Fwy/I-10 EB from CA-1/Lincoln Blvd. exit to Alameda St. that takes 35 minutes on average, with 20 minutes of delay.

And the fifth worst:

A 17.5-mile stretch of I-5 SB (Santa Ana/Golden St Fwys) from E. Caesar Chavez Ave to Valley View Ave. exits that takes 40 minutes on average, with 22 minutes of delay.

And the seventh worst:

An eight-mile stretch of I-405 SB (San Diego Fwy) from Nordhoff St. to Mulholland Dr. that takes 22 minutes on average, with 14 minutes of delay.

Viva Los Angeles!

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