Last week WORN OUT featured the ubiquitous legging, an unforgiving garment that's definitely come out of the gym and (for hard bodies) out from under other pieces too. But let's face it, few non-models/actresses/teen waifs can pull off butt-hugging lycra alone.

Still, lots of us have great legs and when leggings don't scream loud enough (or when what they're screaming is “Do The Jane Fonda”), tights are a more fashionable n' funky option, especially in vibrant hues like these above (seen at Paper Magazine's LA Project pop-up party space last week).

We're not really sure about the two different leg-color thing (did she 'em buy that way or cut two pairs up?), but against all logic, her trippy big tee and two-toned tights ensemble works for us. Maybe it's the sassy heeled Mary Janes or the wacky eye-makeup… either way this gal looks like she knows how to have fun, Cyndi Lauper kinda fun.

Her pal didn't go as far, but her bright red opaque tights paired with sparkly gold flats and strappy animal-print dress are a bold choice in their own way. We have a similar frock and usually pair it with fishnets and black boots. Safe. Sometimes obviously sexy can be a snooze… Looks like it's time for some bright nights in the big city!

See more fashion-forward types at Paper mag's week of parties and some decidedly harder looks at Punk Rock Karaoke at the Roxy in this week's Nightranger Slideshow. Read about it (along with a mini-Madonna concert review and a traffic tirade) here.

UPDATE: By the way, our pals at Paper are in the voting stages for their annual Nightlife Awards (they asked moi to suggest a couple of the nominees). Have your voice as a club-crawler heard and vote here.

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