It sees you through blood, tears and (lots o') sweat year after year, and in fact, only gets better with age.

It proves you've been cool for a very long time, decades even.

It tells others who you were and who you are, all without trying.

It's the most dressed down and comfy you can be, but it makes a style statement like no other article of clothing there is.

We're talkin' about the vintage band or concert t-shirt. The one you've had for 10, 20 or 30 years. It's paper thin, perfectly faded and kinda loose (they didn't make many fitted tees or youth sizes for us ladies back in the day like they do now).

It's not ironic (that's for the kiddies) or faux (fake vintage tees are blasphemy to old schoolers, though we gotta admit we have a Stones one somebody gave us and it does have a flattering fit, plus it's mighty soft. We've also got a ton of real ones dating back to '73, so our rock karma is in tact okay?)

Part Time Punks' music fest, which took over the Echo and EchoPlex last Sunday, was the perfect place to snap some of these beloved rock relics (which by the way, you can buy worn-in at some pricey vintage shops or on Ebay for hundreds of dollars). Don't think that's the case here though. These peeps and their tees are the real deal. Oh the stories both could tell….

No Nightranger this week, but you can see more from the fest (and pics from Club Nokia at LA Live! and The Felt Club)

here. Read about the music at PTP here.

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