They don't just have tea at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. They have all the stuff that goes around the tea. This means cups, saucers, teapots, tea cozies, scones, pots of honey, and petit fours shaped like cutely anthropomorphized animals.

How delectable-looking are these mouse petits fours? The man behind the Divine Delights counter told me that the mice — properly called Mice-a-Fours — are not marzipan, as you might guess, but a butter-almond tart topped with rich chocolate buttercream and dipped in white chocolate.

As the woman standing beside me trenchantly observed, “Yeah, they look good, but how do they taste? A lot of times something looks good but it tastes like crap.”

Was she baiting him? Trying to get him to prove the tastiness of the mice? Sadly, tragically, cruelly, the proprietor would not let us eat one of the mice, or purchase one to be eaten. The mice at the Expo were for display purposes only. Tea people can be mean.

LA Weekly