Who gives a flying f— about World Cup? Well, you do, obviously.

L.A. lost out on the possibility of hosting the 2022 big dance of soccer when it was announced this week that the small Middle Eastern country of Qatar will get to host this futbol fest.

It's kind of a big deal, given that two proposed football stadiums for L.A., one in the San Gabriel Valley, the other downtown, have both been spun as possible World Cup venues.

Besides all that riveting 0-0-score action, World Cup brings cash to its host countries and cities.

As LA Weekly's Simone Wilson noted, the 1994 World Cut that included games at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was the most profitable such tourny to date. ('Cause that's how we do).

Our commenter of the day, “r,” says bah-humbug to the Cup in L.A:

… The US already gets enough high profile sporting events. we just hosted a world cup a little over 10 years ago. there are a lot more countries in the world. FIFA is rightly giving the others a chance.

What do you think? Do we need this thing, or pass?

LA Weekly