Billing itself as “Los Angeles’ first-ever pet-themed pop-up museum” PetPOP is a playground for families and furry four-legged friends full of immersive exhibits and Instagram-ready backdrops. If that sounds like just another poser-fest, its not — PetPOPs mission is to help local pet adoption agencies and it donates a portion of its proceeds to them. The space also holds on-site adoption residencies in its “Adoption Alley,” giving visitors a chance to play with puppies looking for homes. 2020 E 7th St. Downtown. Info, dates and tickets here.

(Courtesy AirBnB)

Runyon with a Rescue

There are so many wonderful dogs in local shelters around the city, and a lot of us wish we could adopt them all! Maybe you already have pets to care for, or aren’t allowed dogs in your building or happen to be allergic… if you still love a li’l wagger, “The Original Rescue Dog Hike” is a great option, especially in celebration of all things canine this week.

Meet in West Hollywood for a hike up Runyon Canyon with a friendly puppy posse. Along with exercising and socializing rescue dogs, you’ll take photos of them, which will be used to help bring in donations for care (via the Animal Welfare Nonprofit) and generate adoption interest. The excursion is part of Air BnB’s “Experiences” program. More info here.  

(Courtesy 1933 Group)

Idle Hour’s Fido Fashion Show

The photo above might be a little confusing but stay with us, it makes sense! The famed Tail O’ the Pup hot dog stand will soon be back in business thanks to the 1933 Group, who also own Idle Hour (the giant barrel-shaped bar and restaurant in the Valley) and the recently restored Formosa Cafe.

Bobby Green and Idle Hour patio decor

(Photo by Lina Lecaro)

1933’s Bobby Green educated us about the wonders of programmatic architecture (buildings built to look like things that aren’t buildings) like this in a story when Idle first opened, and clearly he’s still a fan. There’s a giant smoking bulldog-shaped structure in the patio at Idle Hour and if you’ve never been there you should check it out.

This Wednesday offers the perfect opportunity to see the barrel and the bulldog as the venue hosts its annual “Dog Fashion Show.” The best outfits will win prizes and everyone who donates to Best Friends Animal Shelter gets a token for a free drink. As for the historic hot dog stand, Green recently shared images on his Facebook of the stand being transported by truck… somewhere. Where it will end up has yet to be announced.

Idle Hour, 4824 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood., Wed., Aug. 27, 7 p.m. Free. (818) 980-5604.



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